Scott and Kat Hamilton are still grieving the loss of their teenage son Christopher, each in their separate ways. The closeness they once felt is slowly disappearing as the loss engulfs them.

So when an old former friend from the UK shows up as head of a company that Scott has signed as his client, Kat is stunned. But trying hard to be forgiving for Sarah Cherrington’s betrayal twenty years before.

But Kat’s sister Maggie is not so forgiving and urges Kat to be careful. However, Sarah, now the widow Harrison, is Scott’s client, so she has to try. Right?

When Sarah seemingly shows a generous side, offering support, gifts, and invitations to her gorgeous homes in Ojai and Malibu, Kat is unable to turn her away. Even though Sarah shows up repeatedly, “just for a moment,” inserting herself into their lives, her apparent generosity is hard to resist.

When Sarah offers Kat the key to her Sussex cottage, the one that has such fond memories for Kat, the alarm bells should have gone off. But they didn’t….at least not right away.

Intrusion is a chilling portrayal of a woman hell-bent on revenge, taking down all who have seemingly wronged her so many years ago. Will Kat and Scott be her latest victims?

Of course, in the blurb, we are forewarned about Sarah and her intentions, but even if we hadn’t been, I could see her manipulations and her intrusiveness from miles away. I wanted to shout at Kat to stop allowing this woman to control her, but sometimes, nothing gets through until the last possible moment. I couldn’t stop turning those pages until the very end. 5 stars.



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