Good morning, and welcome to my Hump Day Serendipitous Ramblings.

Except…it’s not Hump Day…not yet!

I did a makeover here, late last night while waiting to enter my link over at Bibliophile by the Sea, where I participate in Tuesday Intros.

My header (above), and the background that surrounds us, remind me of Spring.

Today is the first day since the weekend that hasn’t brought rain.  The sidewalks and my patio are dry, although the mess of leaves on the patio should draw me out there…to rake, sweep, or whatever.

But no, I’ll save that task for later.  This morning I’ve been visiting blogs, and thinking about the book I’m reading (No One Knows). And planning about the one to read next.





Should I read the older book that has been on Pippa for ages?  Or what about this one that I featured today in my Tuesday IntrosUnder the Influence, by Joyce Maynard.  I have wanted to get my hands on this one since I first heard about it.  I pre-ordered it in November!





Since it’s not raining, maybe I should go to the mall and check into some of the things I need, all that I’ve been postponing because the rain made me want to curl up here:




Tomorrow (the REAL Hump Day) I have an appointment for my annual physical, something I always dread, as I never know what the doctor will scold me about…or, I do, but I don’t want to hear it!

My granddaughter Fiona texted me about getting together tomorrow, so maybe with that to look forward to….

She has been posting on Facebook about her classes for her Medical Assistant’s certification…about blood draws, etc.  She looks a little scary here with her stethoscope and the scrubs…LOL.




So…it’s that kind of day.  Stuff to do, procrastination, and things to contemplate.  What does your Not Quite Hump Day look like?



  1. Your day sounds more fun than mine. I had to drive a courtesy car since my own is in for repair. The temporary one is so tiny I don’t feel very safe. But at least it meant I could get into the office.


  2. I’m back from vacation so my hump day will be spent catching up around the house and doing laundry. It’s a rainy day so I don’t mind being inside. A library audio downloaded on my phone last night so I’ll listen to it (The Residence – about the people who work at the White House for the First Family).


  3. I am so ready for spring! I don’t like the rain so much but I am ready for everything else. I hate going to the doctor. It is no fun at all. Your granddaughter looks very serious in her scrubs. My daughter worked as a CNA and I never got used to her looking so professional. Have a great Hump Day!


    1. Thanks, Carole, and I am also ready for spring. We are having a couple of dry days, and then more rain! But that’s good here in California, with our drought.

      Yes, Fiona posts something everyday on FB about what she is learning…LOL.


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