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And let’s join Kathryn, our new leader in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, at Book Date.

Could it be Spring?  Finally?  What a mixed up week.  It took me out to several appointments, hindering my reading just a bit.  Despite my other activities, though, I did read and review three books…and added more to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.  My total there is now 15 books!

While I was out and about, I had a couple of lunches…here’s the one with Mac & Cheese, a salad, and a martini…


Iunch in feb - mac & cheese, salad

So now let’s take a look…


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Review:  Multiple Listings (e-book), by Tracy McMillan (NetGalley – 3/8/16)

Review:  The Ex (e-book), by Alafair Burke

Review:  Find Her (e-book), by Lisa Gardner


INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

I received one Vine book in my mailbox – for review; and downloaded a NetGalley review book.  Then I went a little nuts downloading purchased books.

A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, by Debbie Macomber (Amazon Vine)





The Girls (e-book), by Emma Cline – (NetGalley – 6/14/16)



the girls by emma cline


Under the Influence (e-book), by Joyce Maynard





The Ramblers (e-book), by Aidan Donnelley Rowley





The Girl in the Red Coat (e-book), by Kate Hamer





ROOM (e-book), by Emma Donoghue




WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

I have some from last week to finish up, like The Shadow Year and Silver Bay…

Then I want to grab some of the shiny new books that are sending “come-hither” looks to me, and some of the older purchases, too, like these:

Dune Road (e-book), by Jane Green (an older book that I purchased in July 2015).



dune road resized


Losing Me (e-book), by Sue Margolis – (Also purchased in July 2015)





That was my week!   What did yours look like?  For the rest of today and tomorrow, it will be movies, The Oscars, and Netflix.  Enjoy your week!





  1. Mmm, yummy food. It’s always nice to see your lunches… 🙂 And I hope you enjoy the movie, whichever one you pick. The Oscars are this weekend? Yikes, I forgot. Crept up on me ha ha. I’ve seen very few of the nominees but it’s always fun to watch and see who wins. And Netflix is always a win!

    The Ramblers looks good. I like the NYC setting.


    1. Thanks, Greg, and I love the lunches, too. Instead of going to the theater for the movies, I saw Spotlight and Room On Demand. Both were so good! I think they are both nominated for something at The Oscars.

      On Netflix, I continued watching Lie to Me, with Tim Roth and Kelli Williams…etc.


  2. Oh, a few new interesting reads there. I loved Room as well… the movie did the book justice which was great.

    And I’m hoping for our Autumn to cool things down here as it’s horribly hot!


    1. Thanks, Deborah, and since the author also wrote the screenplay, that would explain the movie closely following the book.

      Enjoy your Autumn…I actually love that season more than Spring, but I’d take either at this point!


    1. Thanks, Kimberly, and I know that I’ve been obsessing about the “missing kids” books lately, but they are so good! We’re not quite ready for shorts here, but soon. The salad was good. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Lexxie, I haven’t read a Macomber book in a while…I got into the TV series, Cedar Cove, recently, so I’m loving the setting and the characters she brings. Enjoy your spring and your reading.


    1. I am sure we will have a few more cold days (or cool, anyway); but glimpses of Spring give me hope. Thanks for stopping by, Laura, and I would love to experience the British weather firsthand someday. Enjoy your week.


  3. Macaroni and Cheese and a Martini sound like heaven – though the salad looks pretty good too! Weeks with lots of appointments always leave me a bit frazzled. I think I need a certain amount of time just at home and I don’t like when I don’t get it! You’ve got some fantastic books! The Macomber looks like a fun read and she’s one I want to read more from. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Katherine, and I have made my life a little easier by my rule not to schedule any appointments for Monday or Friday. I must have some unscheduled time! I loved the Mac, Cheese, & Martini…and salad. LOL.

      I am hoping to read more Macomber, too.


  4. Sounds like a busy week with lots of great books! I’m glad you enjoyed both The Ex and Find Her! As you know I loved Find Her, and I can’t wait to read The Ex! I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Girl in the Red Coat too!

    I started reading A Girl’s Guide to Moving On and am enjoying it. First Debbie Macomber book for me, but it sounded wonderful. And The Girls is on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing all the great books!

    P.S. I’m going to have to try a Martini the next time I get Mac & Cheese, looks yummy together!


    1. Thanks, Suzanne, and some might choose wine with Mac & Cheese, but Martinis are my favorite cocktails…which I love to have when I’m out.

      I am looking forward to all these books…and hope you enjoy them, too. Have a great week!


  5. I bypassed the salad and zoomed in on the mac and cheese– comfort food to the extreme!

    I am excited by almost all the same books you mentioned above. What a good crop of books that have come out recently. I am super thrilled to be on the hunt for them. I read Find Her, had to break down and buy it right away. Want to read The Ex, The Redcoat and Maynard’s new one.

    Have fun watching the Oscars. We transplanted easterners still have trouble remembering that the award shows starts at 5 pm– so early!– here in CA.


    1. Oh, yes, I love mac ‘n’ cheese…my daughter makes a more crunchy dish of it, which is also good. But the creamy kind is my fave.

      I think I will definitely enjoy Room, especially having seen the movie. Sometimes it is good to see the film first, IMO.

      Enjoy your week, Elizabeth, and thanks for stopping by.


    1. Those are some dramatic changes, Nise…I hope the weather settles down soon. I know that we will have a fairly short spring here, and then a long hot summer. But I think I prefer that to snow…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Nise, and enjoy your week. The lunch was one of my favorites….


    1. Thanks, Martha, and I don’t know why I haven’t read (or even purchased) ROOM before now, but after seeing that a film was out, I definitely wanted to read the book and watch the movie. Have a great week…and I did love that lunch!


  6. Fabulous group of interesting looking books, some that I have read too. The movie The Room has been getting a lot of attention so hope book is great. Yummy looking meals and nice to know Spring is poking its head out!


    1. Yes, Spring is coming out, all dressed in white blossoms on my street, which is the downside to the season for me…I’m allergic! LOL. But I just stock up on pills.

      I love my haul…and hope to read them sooner rather than later. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your week.


    1. Oh, good to know your book club picked it…I would enjoy belonging to one and having discussions about my favorites. But we do have our blogging…and that works, too. Thanks for stopping by, Pat, and I hope you love the movie, too.


    1. I’m almost finished with Dune Road, and I loved some of the unexpected curves the author threw at us. The Girls will take me back to the 60s, and it won’t be the light and airy side, I am sure.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sam, and I hope to read Room soon. Enjoy your week.


  7. We are going back and forth with the spring like weather here as well. We had several days of sunshine and sixty degrees, but now this week, we are back to the dreary rain. I think you will enjoy The Girl’s Guide to Moving on. The Girl in the Red Coat certainly has an eye catching cover.


  8. It certainly feels like spring. I’ve been looking ahead to next week to see how the weather will be as my daughter will be having an outdoor birthday party. Of course it is supposed to rain that day. I sure hope the weather prediction changes by then for her sake. I hope you enjoy your new books! I liked The Room and The Girl in the Red Coat.


  9. The Girl in the Red Coat seems to be popping up every where I go on the internet it seems these days! It sounds good, too. Enjoy your reading and thanks for visiting! 🙂


  10. Kathy

    Oh my gosh, you’ve practically listed my TBR. haha The Girl in the Red Coat, The Ramblers, and Emma Cline’s book are really pushing me to bump them up on my TBR list.


  11. The Cue Card

    There’s nothing like a good salad & martini! I thought you had already done the Maynard book hmm. Maybe it was another one, they go quickly. I’m glad to see you got a copy of Room. I cheated and saw the movie first (which is a no no) and that movie took my nails right off! Enjoy your books.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Vicki, and I’ve been eyeing Room since it first came out, but might not have read it without having seen the movie. Now I’m eager to dive in. The Ramblers also looks very good to me.


  12. Still very good for a week hindered by appointments! I had one of those weeks too, and next week looks like more of the same.

    The Girls and Under the Influence sound good. I read Room a while ago for my book club. I was going to pass because I thought it would be depressing, but it turned out to be much better than I expected, and very compelling.


    1. So far, this week is a mix of appointments, errands, and then a little reading. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and enjoy your week. Can’t wait to read Room, after seeing the movie. The Girls and Under the Influence are books I hope to read soon.


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  14. lattenightsreviews

    Debbie is a really great author. I haven’t read her books in a while so I need to pick one up asap.
    Mac n cheese!! YUM!! Hope you enjoyed!


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