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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Whenever that holiday comes, I sense spring on the horizon, and I am looking forward to it.  But it is not coming as soon as I’d like.  After some rainy weeks, we had sunshine…and then early this morning, as I drove my granddaughter to the train station, fog shrouded the way.  I hadn’t realized that we had experienced very little fog this year, but the reminder of it wasn’t pleasant.

I was very glad to get back home again an hour later, as the fog chased me all the way.

My reading week brought two enjoyable reads, and one DNF.  I spent too much time on the book that I ultimately sent back to the cloud.  Why did I waste so much time?

On a more positive note, though, I finished one more book for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge, bringing my total so far to thirteen books!

In the mail, I got my copy of the DVD of Big Stone Gap this week, and spent a night with popcorn and luxuriating in the familiar scenes as they unfolded.  It took me back to memories of the book, my first I had read by Adriana Trigiani.





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INCOMING BOOKS:(Title/Cover Linked to Amazon)

No mailbox books!  One purchased download that I’m excited about…

Find Her (e-book), by Lisa Gardner






WHAT’S NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

I have several books I’m considering this week, starting with one of my NetGalley review books:

Where I Lost Her (e-book), by T.  Greenwood (NetGalley – 2/23)





I Was Here (e-book), by Gayle Forman





The Shadow Year (e-book), by Hannah Richell






That’s my week!  What was yours like?  I hope to spend less time on books that don’t work for me…and pick carefully from the many books I have available to me.  Enjoy!  Now…I could use a big cup of coffee, as I got up very early this morning to take Fiona to the train.






    1. Thanks! I actually love reading the books I purchased….

      When I reread the blurb of The Shadow Year, I was very eager to read it! I don’t know why I let it languish so long, but at least it hasn’t been as long as some of my books (just since October 2015). Thanks for stopping by, Cleopatra. Enjoy your week.


    1. Oh, yes, there was another book of the author’s with a similar title that was a continuation of If I Stay…that one was Where She Went. Confusing, right? Thanks for stopping by, Danica, and enjoy your week.


  1. I too am anxiously awaiting spring, and getting a little impatient! 🙂 It’s been cold here, single digits today but yeah not a big fan of fog either. Hope it burns off and gets sunny for you… I haven’t heard of Big Stone Gap but it looks like it has a nice cast. Sounds like a good way to spend a few hours,

    I’m kind of intrigued by The Shadow Year, that one looks promising. I love big secrets! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Greg, but single digits…wow! We haven’t dipped that low…the fog is usually the worst weather we get in the winter…and the occasional rain storm.

      I enjoyed Big Stone Gap, the movie, as well as the books. There are several in that series. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week.


  2. I just read and reviewed Find Her as well Laurel and very much enjoyed it.

    For us (down under!) it’s autumn approaching and I’m looking forward to cooler and less tempestuous weather. We’ve not struggled too much but had a lot of very hot stormy weather off and on and at least winter (in my part of Australia) is quite mild!


    1. I do love autumn, too….I wish we had longer autumns and springs here, sigh. I am very eager to read Find Her, Deborah, and I may have to leap ahead of others waiting in line…lol. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. I don’t like to do that, either, Ardis, and I gave this one 67% of the book! I thought it might become more engaging for me, but it kept getting less so…lol. Some people enjoyed it. Not me.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I do like finishing books from my shelves!


  3. Happy Valentine’s day! I also can’t wait for the weather to clear up. It’s been raining here for weeks.. At least that’s what it feels like.
    I love Gayle Forman and I really can’t wait to read ‘I Was Here’.
    Happy reading this week 😉


  4. I don’t like driving in fog either, Laurel. Glad you enjoyed Big Stone Gap. I read it so long ago that I’m looking forward to watching the movie. Hope you have a good week and enjoy your reading.


    1. Thanks, Mary, and since there were several books in the Big Stone Gap series, I wondered what they would incorporate into the movie. But it worked out nicely…a feel-good movie. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week.


  5. I don’t like fog. It’s snowing here right now and I don’t like that either. I hate when I am determined to keep reading a book that is just not working for me only to ultimately give up on it. I am trying to dnf sooner when I know it is going to happy. I haven’t read Lisa Gardner yet but would like to soon. Have a great week!


    1. I agree, Carole…no fog, and I am sure I wouldn’t like living in snow. But fun to visit.

      I usually set myself a rule to only read 50 pages before giving up, but if there is hope, I go 100 pages. I can’t DNF if it’s a review book, of course, so I am careful in my selections of those. Sometimes I am blindsided, however. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the new week.


  6. Literary Feline

    I am not a fan of fog either. And now that you mention it, there really hasn’t been as much as in years past . . . Valentine’s Day has never been a huge deal for my husband and I, but my daughter is very excited about it. I tried to convince family not to get her anything but cards and maybe stickers since her birthday is next month, but no luck. I am sorry about your DNF book. I like to give a book as much chance as I can and sometimes that means sticking with it too long too. I’m better at DNFing these days, but it is still hard for me to do.

    I hope you have a great week, Laurel-Rain! Happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. Thanks, Wendy, and since one of my granddaughters was born on February 13, she always gets a dual celebration on her birthday.

      I need to be more careful in my book selections, as I might have avoided the DNF if I had recalled how I don’t like to try new-to-me authors without rave recommendations. At least it wasn’t a “review” book, although I do review everything I read. But being held hostage because of a commitment to review a specific book makes it an impossible task.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for stopping by.


  7. The Cue Card

    So which book was the DNF last week? I’d like to read Big Stone Gap since I lived in Va. for awhile. It’s on my TBR pile. Happy V-Day! Enjoy your week.


    1. I wasn’t sure I should mention which book it was, but why not? Not everybody loves the same books…so, here it is: Lucky Us, by Amy Bloom.

      I loved the Big Stone Gap series, and seeing the Appalachian community in the movie was just how I had imagined it. Plus…right afterwards, I read Gray Mountain, which was set in the same area…and in the book, one of the characters mentioned the town, Big Stone Gap.

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and have a great week.


    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy this author, Kathy, I am addicted to her books! I miss Sacramento, although we often have the same kind of weather here. We just don’t have very many big old trees…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  8. I really like the sound of The Shadow Year. I’ve definitely got to read it. I’ve also got I Was Here on my TBR list. The others sound interesting too, but I’m afraid may be a bit too creepy for me.


    1. Me, too; I always feel disoriented.

      I am looking forward to the spring! Some of the trees on my street have blossoms…I love seeing them, although I do have some allergies..lol. Thanks for visiting, Martha, and enjoy your week.


  9. Ahhhh! Jumps with despair when remembers I have to read some of the books I buy. Must not get review copies, must not get review copies, must… Seriously though that is so good. I picked up a Gayle Forman book at Edelweiss last week, I haven’t read her but read many bloggers liking her books. Can’t remember the name but it is one for adults. Okay looked it up. It’s called Leave Me and comes out in September. Yuck fog!


    1. Wow, a story for adults! That should be a good segue for her, as I enjoy her writing, but sometimes I get sick of teenagers….lol.

      I know that some of the books I’m reading this week won’t make it for the challenge, as they were purchased before the cut-off date. But I need to clear them out, too.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and “yuck” is a good expression when encountering fog.


  10. I’m definitely more ruthless when it comes to reading now – there are so many books on my bedside table right now that I just can’t waste any precious reading title on books that aren’t worthy of it! 🙂


    1. It is a very true fact about all the books that are available…not every one can be wonderful. I stopped downloading freebies, as they were so often not my cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by, Jane, and enjoy all the books on your bedside table and more.


    1. I know what you mean, Melinda…I did go ahead and buy, but I do that less and less, because my shelves of DVDs line the whole hallway! lol I do have a written list I’ve created…otherwise, I would be standing there, going blurry-eyed as I search for one. Even though they are alphabetized.

      Thanks for stopping by…enjoy your week.


  11. The Shadow Year has such a pretty cover, wow! I wanted to read it the moment I saw it. But then I went to read about it and it sounds intriguing. I always discover new interesting mysteries on your blog!
    Here, the we didn’t have fog this weekend, but we had some of the coldest days of winter. I’m definitely ready for spring!


    1. Ooh, shivering here remembering some of our colder days. Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning when it’s too cold. And we don’t even have the really cold weather.

      I have seen a few covers for The Shadow Years, but I like this one, too. Since mine is an e-book, I can’t look at the cover when it’s open…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kay, and enjoy your week.


    1. I agree, Kathy…about Big Stone Gap and about how nice a slow mailbox week can be. I think I’ll resist requesting review books for a while…I wonder how long that plan will last? Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


    1. Yes, and I keep getting confused by the titles, too, calling the one book Where I Found Her instead of Where I Lost Her…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Harvee, and incidentally, I loved Where I Lost Her…and can’t wait to read Find Her. lol


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, my granddaughter and I had fun, but the visit was too short, and then I took her to the train for her trip up North. But she is a grown-up now with her own life…LOL.

      I hope you have a great week, with no DNFs.


    1. Oh, that’s too bad, Kathy…actually, we can still have some stormy weather between now and spring…but then we have a very short spring followed by a long, hot summer…lol. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your week!


  12. So glad you made it home safely. Tonight it was snowing and I hated being out in it.

    Bummer about the DNF book. I can waste time on books I shouldn’t bother with either. I’m sure I know about three chapters in if I it will work for me. Why do I keep going?

    Looks like you have some other good books on your list, though. Hope you enjoy them.

    Thanks for visiting The Busy Mom’s Daily.


  13. I’m really ready for spring, too, Laurel-Rain! I’m glad you were able to bring your grand daughter to the train station and back safely, even with the fog!
    Your new books look great! I’ve read I Was Here, and I enjoyed it, hopefully, you will, too!
    I have started to DNF books quicker than I did before, I just want to have a good time with my stories, not feel like reading is a chore.
    Have a fantastic rest of the week and happy reading.


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