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THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: Do you make a seasonal reading list? How do you choose what goes on it?


Last night, after finishing a book I’d been reading on and off throughout the weekend, I was prepared to dive into one book, but then noticed another, and picked it up.  I didn’t plan to become absorbed in it, since it is basically a “coffee table book,” an interior design tome with lots of pictures.

But I found The Nesting Place to be so much more!  I enjoyed the photos, of course, but the text was engaging.




  The author shares about how she moved thirteen times in eighteen years, and what she learned at each home.  And how she finally decided to make each place she lived a “home,” and fully nest there.

She has lots of great ideas, which somehow coincide with my own, (funny that!), about how you can shuffle your stuff around to create a new look (I do this regularly!), and how you can see your home in a new light when you “quiet the room.”

That was new to me…and the author leads us through the experience, which involves stashing all the “extras” in the room off to a holding place and leaving them there while you study the room…and find a new way to look at it.  Seeing the possibilities.

Using things in different ways is another trick that I have found useful…yes, that cart is supposed to be for barbecuing, but it works wonderfully to hold the unread books while they wait for me to grab them.


So…I found myself on p. 147/189 in no time, eager to try some of these tricks…the ones I haven’t already tried.

I could relate to much of it, especially the part about moving around a lot.  Lately I’ve been pretty stable…I have been at this place for eight years, and before that, I lived thirteen years in my house in the foothills.

But in the 70s, I moved fourteen times!


So what gets you going today?  Do you have a book that resonates, or thoughts about upcoming reads?  Come on by and let’s chat.



    • Yes, it was the 70s, after all….LOL. But it was only after I started to stay longer in each place that I appreciated how much I had longed to really be home! Thanks for visiting, Katherine. Hope you enjoy this one. I have it on my coffee table now so I can pick it up and look at the pictures over and over.


  1. oh my gosh I couldn’t even contemplate moving that many times. I’ve had three homes in 30 years and unless we get too decrepit to manage our garden and the stairs I think I’ll be here for a while yet


    • It has only been in the last two decades that I started to really long to be home….and even the thought of moving now makes me cringe. LOL.

      However, I realized after living in one house for 13 years (my longest ever since childhood!) how much I was keeping…like a pack rack. Hence my tendency now to purge fairly regularly. Just in case.

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen.


    • Oh, that’s wonderful, Allison! In my childhood, I only moved once…and that was to a bigger house on the same property…LOL. In adulthood, I think I must have thought moving a lot was adventurous…now, not so much.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. That sounds like a cool book! I love the idea of decorating (but I’m too lazy / too poor right now to buy stuff haha). I’ve only moved once (that I can remember, I moved when I was 3, but that’s more my parents) and packing stuff suck haha.
    I currently started a new book that was just released that I’ve been waiting for (Six of Crows by Leigh Barudgo), so far so good!


    • I’ve heard a lot about Six of Crows…enjoy!

      As for decorating the way this author tells it, you can buy stuff at flea markets and yard sales and you can also “shop your home,” finding stuff you can move around and use in different ways. I like that!

      I hate the whole packing and unpacking of moving….I don’t know which is worse! When I moved here, it was dark when I finally got everything in, and there were no overhead lights…I had to find a lamp quickly!

      Thanks for stopping by, Cyn.


  3. I’ve only moved twice (once to my apartment when I left my mom’s house, then last October to my house, where I still have boxes to unpack and set up heh), so I cannot imagine moving so many times! I’d like this house to be my forever nest!


    • I am hoping to be settled finally…although it took many years to get to this place. I can’t imagine only moving a couple of times, though, but my childhood looked like that, staying on the same property until I left home.

      That’s when all the moving started…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Hazel, and I hope yours is your “forever nest.”


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