Madelyn (Maddy) Carson had some very strict rules for her personal life. As a script supervisor for The Wrong Doctor, a soap, she definitely chose not to date actors.

So when she begins dating one of the show’s executives, Craig Williams, she tells herself she is not technically breaking her own rules.

When she gets an idea for a reality show based on her hometown in Wolf County, and collaborates a bit with Craig before presenting the idea to their boss, she is totally unprepared for Craig’s betrayal, which definitely makes her question her own rules.

Then when Adam, one of the actors on the show, asks her out and pursues a relationship with her, she begins to wonder if she needs that rule book.

Scared Scriptless: A Novel was a delightful story about life behind the scenes in Hollywood, and the author definitely knows her material, as she starred in Days of Our Lives for several years, and has been on other TV shows as well.

The story is narrated in the first person voice of Maddy, a character I could not help but root for. I recommend this book for all who love stories about Hollywood, and those who have read any of Sweeney’s books. 4.5 stars.


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