temporary office 2


Earlier I wrote about how having house guests led to a few shake-ups in my interior world.

Yes, I did some reshuffling to make my guest room/office more comfortable for my son and DIL, who will be staying here on and off for a while.  First I removed that “jutting out” bookcase from the room, along with those books.





Then I created my temporary work station, as seen at the top of this post.  And here’s another view of that work station:



temporary office 1

And back in the office/guest room, here is the changed space (below).



office changes in july 2


And another view:



office changes in july 3



And while all this rearranging is going on, we are having get-togethers, like Margarita Night, which I posted about in my Weekly Updates



margarita night



And some other fun-filled days, beginning with the first night’s dinner at Heather’s:  corned beef and cabbage.



first night dinner



Here’s Gabi, enjoying the bear outside a pub in Shaver Lake, a mountain community above us.



Gabi - July 10 - Shaver lake

This week, Craig and Gabi will be at Heather’s house, although I’ll be joining them for dinners, etc.

Back at home, I am reading and bingeing on Netflix...just like I did before.  As if nothing has changed.  But knowing that more adventures lie ahead.



    1. Yes, I am doing that! I stayed up late watching an old favorite series, Private Practice, on Netflix. And I’ve been doing more reading. Loving The Murderer’s Daughter.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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