Remember Sparky?  Here I am, above, reading from its beautiful pages.  My daughter gifted me with this lovely device in 2010, at Christmas.  She was gently trying to tell me that my books were taking over my life, and if I wanted them to be less visible, I should start buying e-books.

I wasn’t so sure about it, but once I got the knack of reading from it, and after I named the device, I was in.

But as all things must come to an end, I knew I needed to upgrade.  So Pippa came into my life.





But what about Sparky?  Well, long story short:  my youngest grandson, Noah, aged 12, who loves accompanying me to bookstores, asked if he could have it.  Of course!  How appropriate to pass the torch to him, especially since his mother gave me Sparky in the first place.

I was new to how all this works.  First I had to deregister it, and I thought that would be it.  But no, there is more to it.  My books were still showing.  Then I realized that I needed to return to the “factory default setting,” and voila!  Books gone.

Now he can begin his own collection.





Yes, it is only fitting that this kid who loves books…and devices, would be the perfect recipient for Sparky.  Live on, Sparky!  Have fun, Noah!



  1. Yes, very fitting that Sparky goes to your grandson. I gave my mother my old kindle and deregistered it, but never could figure out why all my books were still there… now I know! She’s not complaining though 😉


    1. Thanks for visiting, JoAnn, and I couldn’t figure it out, either, but then I played around with the settings and saw that one about returning to the “factory default setting,” and it worked.

      My grandson did not want to weed through my more than 300 books that were there…LOL.. My old Kindle didn’t have a way to “send them to the cloud,” like the Paperwhite does.


  2. My husband gave me his old Fire when he got a new one for Christmas (he watches tv shows in the bedroom on it since we don’t have a tv set there anymore) and then I gave my Fire to my son. Giving your old e-reader to someone is a wonderful gift; my son was thrilled because of the convenience of 24/7 buying one-click. Note: I don’t read on my Fire; I watch Netflix & Hulu on it. I read books on my Paperwhite.


    1. I love Netflix, but I mostly watch it on the Blu-Ray now…and occasionally on my iPhone, like when we had a power outage…LOL.

      I am happy that Noah will be able to enjoy e-books…and he loves devices, so I thought: “perfect!”

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita….


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