When Detective Milo Sturgis calls Alex Delaware in to consult on a new murder, his tone suggests that something out of the ordinary has happened.

The victim, Vita Berlin, was killed by a perpetrator who snapped her neck. But then, after death, her innards were showcased around her neck, like a necklace.

As the investigation begins, several strange aspects puzzle them, but one thing is clear. The victim was disliked by almost everyone. A lawsuit she filed and won leads Milo and Alex, and the others, to an insurance company where she had worked, the source of her complaint of harassment.

Soon another victim is discovered, with the same MO…but he was someone everyone loved. What, if anything, connects the victims, and how will the detectives solve this bizarre case?

When observers identify someone hanging around the scenes, a strange man wearing a shearling coat that seemed out of place for the warm weather, a mental health diagnosis seems likely. Will Alex’s own past somehow insert itself into the mix, leading them to a place where he was an intern?

What I love most about the Alex Delaware series is watching Alex and Milo go through their paces, logically eliminating suspects and connections until they seemingly land serendipitously at the very place that will reveal important pieces of the puzzle. I also enjoy the glimpses of their personal lives, that lend a balance and distract the reader from the gruesome moments.

Six victims in all have only the two things in common: a broken neck and the bizarre necklace of intestines. And as more and more people report the shearling coat man sighting, there is a gradual movement toward one place where all paths converge.

Victims (Alex Delaware) was a very satisfying page-turner that came together very nicely at the end, but the conclusion also showed the sadness left behind, as Alex struggles to resume a normal life. 5.0 stars.


  1. I only skimmed your review because I have this on my kindle to read sometime, but sounds like you enjoyed it.

    I always enjoy Kellerman, though sometimes a year or two go by between his titles that I read. I first discovered his books years ago when he was up to his third one or so, then I read and enjoyed them and one time even bought a stack of his used paperbacks. That sort of burned me out on him, until a few years later after I had missed a few titles, I decided to jump back in. He writes well enough that you can be a faithful reader or even miss a few and still be entertained. I also recommend him to suspense/procedural readers, so thanks for reminding me.


  2. Kellerman is very much a comfort read for me – I’ve gotten to the point now where just hanging out with Alex and Milo is just as enjoyable as the mysteries they solve! I thought I’d read all of them, but this one didn’t sound familiar at all. Adding it to my to-read list now!


    1. When I found this one on the bargain table at B & N, I thought I’d read it, because I couldn’t imagine not having done so. I had to check my Goodreads shelf to be sure…and I hadn’t. I had added it as a TBR…and then forgot about it!

      Yes, I love hanging out with them, too. I feel as though I can see Alex’s house, as if I have been there in person. Thanks for stopping by, Belle.


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