When Grace Elland discovers the body of her murdered boss, Sprague Witherspoon, in his bedroom, her life takes a dramatic turn backwards in time. The label on the vodka bottle found near him is a jolting reminder of her past and another murder she stumbled upon.

Sprague Witherspoon was a major leader in the motivational movement, and Grace was his chief marketing director. The one who created the cookbook, the blog, and the positive affirmations. The one who took his company over the top.

Grace and two co-workers, Millicent Chartwell and Kristy Forsyth, are now left with the challenge of finding new careers. But starting over will be difficult for Grace, as this new trauma forces her back into her traumatic past, where the nightmares began. And in the present, she is being stalked, apparently, beginning with a series of sinister e-mails coming from Sprague’s phone.

Could his daughter Nyla be responsible? Everyone knows she has a hateful attitude. Her fiancé is also someone Grace suspects. He clearly seems to be hanging around for Nyla’s inheritance.

Then Julius Arkwright, a very rich entrepreneur and connected to Grace’s friends Irene and Devlin Nakamura, comes into her orbit as a blind date. Will Julius step in and help Grace sort out the mystery? Will she be able to help him overcome his own dark past?

As everything escalates and the mystery thickens, Grace has to consider other possibilities, just when she and Julius might be taking their friendship to another level.

Trust No One was a riveting romantic suspense thriller that had me looking around every corner, and literally not trusting any of the characters. Even so, I was surprised by the ending. An enjoyable story that was slightly predictable, but definitely a read I recommend for fans of the author…and for romantic suspense stories. 4.5 stars.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one. I haven’t read it, but plan to sometime. I am not a long-time fan of hers, having only read 2 books by her but so many bloggers I trust do like her style so I will investigate more of her titles.


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