In the Philadelphia law firm of Rosato and DiNunzio, Judy Carrier is an associate, and as such, must often take cases that are unappealing to her.

Such an assignment has just landed in the form of seventy-five asbestos cases referred from a big New York firm…and her job will be to defend the damages portion.

Before she is caught up in the cases, Judy and one of the partners, Mary DiNunzio, who is her best friend, have been shopping for wedding dresses for Mary’s upcoming wedding. But then Judy is called to her Aunt Barb’s house after learning sad news: her aunt has cancer and is going in for surgery. Plus, her mother Delia is at Aunt Barb’s, and their somewhat rocky relationship is about to come front and center in her life.

The cases go on the back burner so Judy can focus on her aunt, but then a friend of Barb’s dies under mysterious circumstances…after which a number of very strange happenings find Judy investigating and searching for answers.

How did more than $50,000 in cash end up hidden around Barb’s house? What is going on at the mushroom farm where Iris, the deceased friend, worked? And what happened to Iris’s friend Daniella?

Later, when there is another mysterious death, Judy finds herself up to her eyeballs in the mystery…and at the same time, she discovers a secret that her mother has been hiding.

Meanwhile, she decides that her boyfriend Frank, who acts more like a boy than a man, and focuses mostly on watching football on TV and playing sports instead of doing chores around the apartment, is really not a good match for her.

In the end, answers came swiftly and brought a satisfying conclusion to Betrayed: A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel (Rosato & Associates Book 13), one in a series of mysteries involving the women at the law firm. I have read and enjoyed several of the books in this series, each one featuring a different woman as the MC. I loved the fast pace, and how the author brought the reader right into the personal and work lives of the characters. 5.0 stars.



  2. I read the first in this series and one other in the middle. I’m glad it isn’t necessary to have to read all of them in order, which was holding me back, truthfully. Of course I’ll miss out on some backstory, but if they each feature a partner at the firm, then she will have to provide some extra info for those of us who dropped in. I hope to get this one, as I enjoy all of Ms. Scottoline’s work, fiction and nonfiction.


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