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Good morning, Bloggers!  Grab some coffee (or a mimosa), and let’s talk about our weeks.




With cooler weather here, I am totally feeling the fall ambience.  My laptop background is all about autumn leaves, and so are my table vignettes.  Here is one from last year:




This week’s reading helped make a dent in my TBR Piles…and here’s what happened:



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Review:  Crooked River, by Valerie Geary

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Review:  Dance the Eagle to Sleep, by Marge Piercy (Mt. TBR Challenge)

Review:  The Corn Maiden, by Joyce Carol Oates (Mt. TBR Challenge)



INCOMING BOOKS (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Three lovely books arrived in my mailbox…I purchased one book at the bookstore and I downloaded three e-books for Sparky.


The Bookseller, by Cynthia Swanson (Amazon Vine)






The Carrier, by Sophie Hannah (Amazon Vine)






House of Wonder, by Sarah Healy (Purchased)










A Good Marriage (e-book), by Stephen King






Dream of the Blue Room (e-book), by Michelle Richmond





The House of Memories (e-book), by Monica McInerney







In this next week, I plan to mix old and new books for a hopefully satisfying exploration…

UP NEXT:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


The House We Grew Up In (e-book), by Lisa Jewell (Currently Reading)






The Girl Who Played with Fire, by Stieg Larsson (Mt. TBR)





By Myself and Then Some, by Lauren Bacall  (Mt. TBR)








And here is another Autumn Vignette, just created….from my house to yours….






    1. Yes, it will be, and as for the Lisa Jewell book, I am already thoroughly enjoying it….I love books about hoarders, who are such interesting studies in mental health issues. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  1. i like your cute home decorations!
    Glad you are having cooler weather “up there”. We are still dealing with a week-long heatwave that goes up and down, today high 90’s. Can’t wait for it to break.
    You have been so busy last week and now into this week. Many, many good books there. I looked at the blurb for The Bookseller, and it really grabbed me. I’ll have to wait a few months for it to release, so hope you enjoy it and share a bit of your feelings on it soon.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


    1. Thanks, Rita, and I spoke too soon about our weather…it was hotter again today. But so far, it has stayed in the 90s…and I think the 80s will return soon. Hopefully.

      I am looking forward to The Bookseller, too. Hope you have a great week!


  2. Cait

    That Stephan King cover is sufficiently creepy! XD I have yet to read Stephan King, but I do love his writing advice…so I need to actually read a book of his one of these days. 😉 *gulps coffee* I hope you have a good week!
    My Sunday Post!


    1. Oh, welcome, Bryan, and yes, I do try to serve up an eclectic mix of reads to keep myself from boredom…LOL.

      It is hard to decide which ones to read next, but since I’ve been doing this Mt. TBR Challenge all year (to read 36 books from my OLD stacks), I am feeling the pressure suddenly…and I have four more of those to read, but they are all pretty thick, which is probably why they reclined on the stacks so long. Thanks for stopping by, and have fun picking!


    1. After reading and loving Hello from the Gillespies, I had to see what other treasures this author had written…and the cover is definitely gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by, Catherine, and enjoy your week.


    1. I thought I had read that SK short story collection, but don’t recall this story…or any of them, so maybe I only picked it up and thought about reading it…LOL. Thanks for visiting, Laura, and I am loving The House We Grew Up In.


  3. Looks like you got some great books. I’m curious about The House of Memories, Dreaming of the Blue Room and The Good Marriage. The Bookseller looks good too. The House We Grew Up In is on my TBR already and I’ll be looking for your review of the Lauren Bacall biography. Have a great week! Love your fall vignettes.


    1. I am very excited to finally arrive near the bottom of my OLD stack of books, but I can’t resist adding new ones…sigh. I am looking forward to them all…The Bookseller is from an author new to me, so I hope to have discovered another favorite. Thanks for visiting, Katherine.


  4. It’s been cooler here too, almost too cold! But I’m enjoying all the fall stuff too so not complaining too much! 🙂 It’s nice to celebrate the season too with the right look. enjoy your new reads!


    1. Thanks, Greg, and just after writing that we were cooling down, the temperature spiked again! But not as hot as it was.

      And at night, it cooled down, so that’s always nice. I love the season…enjoy!


  5. I love this time of year 🙂 It’s so much nicer to be out and about in the cooler weather. And, huge congrats on making lots of progress on your TBR pile! I attempt to control mine, but I think it’s a lost cause, teehee. I end up seeing a book I want to read and *poof*, it’s added to the never shrinking pile! 🙂 Hope you love all your books, have a great week!


    1. Thanks! That’s why I differentiate between my OLD piles and the NEW ones…it makes me feel more in control…LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Alma, and enjoy the endless game of progressing to diminish the stacks.


  6. The House We Grew Up In has been getting some good reviews… will be curious to hear your take on it. I must be one of the only people not read The Girl Who series. I’m afraid it might be too violent for me. Happy Fall and have a great week!


    1. I have been reading THWGUI on and off today (between seeing Gone Girl at the movies…fabulous!); and I’m loving it so far. My fascination with hoarding is satisfied in this story…so far. As for the Stieg Larsson series, I barely made it through the first one…the names alone were a challenge, reminding me of my Russian novel period. Thanks for visiting, JoAnn.


  7. katarguelles

    I love fall too but it’s still in the high 90 degrees here. It probably won’t cool down for us until late November. You got a great haul last week. I really liked Stieg Larsson’s series so I hope you enjoy the book. Have a great week!


    1. We have had some cooler days (80s), but today it is 90s again…sigh. It will probably be another month until we see the last of those days, but I’m thinking positive thoughts. Thanks for visiting, Kathy.


  8. I like your autumn touch. I’ll be interested to hear if you see Gone Girl today :-). It’s dark but follows the book. I hadn’t heard of that Bookseller novel. Good you got a copy so early. Cheers.


    1. I just got back from seeing Gone Girl and I LOVED it! There are some things you can show better in a movie than anything we can imagine from a book…sorry, bookaholics and diehard fans who always prefer the book. Not the case for me! Thanks for stopping by, Susan.


  9. thebookdate

    I haven’t read anything by Monica McInerney as yet but do have The Faraday Girls sitting waiting. Have lots of good things about The House We Grew Up In so want to read that at some point.


    1. Oh, I am, Deborah…and I suspected I would. One year (last year?) I read four or five books with characters that hoarded…couldn’t get enough of it. Each one brings out something different. Thanks for visiting.


  10. Teddyree

    So many good books. I enjoyed The House of Memories, hope you do too, pretty cover on your copy. I’m curious about A Good Marriage and The House We Grew Up In is on my wishlist. Have a great week and enjoy your reads 🙂


    1. Yes, I loved Hello from the Gillespies, so I had to get another book by this author. And THWGUI speaks to me, somehow, reminding me to curb my collections! LOL

      Seriously, though, the disorder is so much more than people wanting to collect things, and the underlying issues engage me.

      Thanks for visiting, Teddyree.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shelleyrae…these new discoveries (for me) from Australian authors must be some kind of trend…but I’m loving them. I think my love of them started with Liane Moriarty, although there may have been others before her. Enjoy your week.


  11. Lots of varied titles here. I read the Stieg Larsson series several years ago and I read Lauren Bacall’s memoir My Myself a long time ago, 1979 or so. Other than those, all new to me . Enjoy your cooler weather, it’s been 50’s and 60’s here with frost in the morning. Fall is here.


    1. Yes, I am really digging to the bottom of my Old TBRs with the Lauren Bacall, which I bought before I started my Curl up and Read blog in 2009. I read my first Larsson book on Sparky, in early 2011…and shortly thereafter, purchased Book 2. Thanks for visiting, jkb.


  12. The end of the month came and went while I was busy taking care of my son after his injury. I need to get a monthly reading wrap-up together. I ended up listening to the “Girl” series cause I just could not “hear” the names properly in my head (if that makes sense). Have a great week.


    1. Sometimes it is good to hear things, although I haven’t yet tried audio. But watching a movie and hearing the dialogue (after reading the book) is quite pleasurable.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise.


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  14. ondbookshelf

    I loved The House We Grew Up In, and recently finished Hello From The Gillespies. I will be interested to see what you think of another Monica McInerney book.


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