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Good morning, Bloggers!  Grab some coffee (or a mimosa), and let’s talk about our weeks.




I had a great week!  The books I chose kept me totally engaged…although there was one book that I decided not to read this week.  I went on a whim to another one. 

I am hoping to see a movie Sunday afternoon:  And So It Goes, with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton.  Favorite actors of mine.






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INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Four review books came in my mailbox!  And then I downloaded two e-books to feed Sparky.


Evergreen, by Rebecca Rasmussen (Amazon Vine)






We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas (Amazon Vine)





Belzhar, by Meg Wolitzer (Amazon Vine)






The Furies, by Natalie Haynes (Amazon Vine)








Flying Shoes (e-book), by Lisa Howorth






House of Glass (e-book), by Sophie Littlefield










WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon):


Final Sentence (e-book), by Daryl Wood Gerber (For Mt. TBR Challenge)







All Fall Down (e-book), by Jennifer Weiner







Evergreen, by Rebecca Rasmussen (Vine)








And that’s all, folks!  I might add or change the books from the list, if the mood strikes.  What did your week look like?  I’ll be consuming many glasses of iced tea today!








  1. You are reading different books than I read. I don’t recognize any of them. I am reading a French Procedural entitled CROSSING THE LINE By Frederique Molay. This is the second book I have read in this series. I like the 7th WOMAN very much.
    I just finished reading GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES By Gil McNeil very good novel. I usually read mysteries so the book was unusual for


    1. I adore Diane Keaton, and will see any of her movies, but I am especially looking forward to her with Michael Douglas. Hope to get to the movie early afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, Kimba.


  2. I was lucky this week, my reads were the same way. I kinda flew through them which was nice. Enjoyed your bookish thoughts post… I always dread the “maintenance window” LOL.


    1. Oh, yes, why do they do that? Those windows are never reasonable, and I hate being a clock watcher…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and hopefully the coming week will be great as well.


    1. I didn’t realize what a chunkster that one was until it arrived, but if the book is engaging, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for visiting…glad you are enjoying it. Have a great week, JoAnn.


  3. fangswandsfairy

    I got to hear Diane Keaton speak at BEA 2011 and she was great. I am glad Michael DOuglas seems to have licked the throat cancer he had. Hope you enjoy the movie.


    1. I have had Final Sentence since last year, and I am afraid that this happens too me a lot…I grab books and then it takes a while to get to them. But then I’m glad they’re there.

      Thanks for stopping by, Katherine. Enjoy your week.


    1. I absolutely want to break with the Plan A every now and then…and I am definitely enjoying Final Sentence, Lark.

      Loved the movie, too! Maybe only people who are older will tear up in this one, but there are some really poignant moments.


  4. I would like to read Evergreen, having seen it around and read some about it. Of course the Scottoline books are always entertaining and the Weiner book is on my wishlist now. Thanks for sharing and have a relaxing Sunday.


    1. Thanks, Rita…just got back from lunch and a movie…And So It Goes. Loved it! Maybe you have to be older to really connect with the characters…but I suspect anyone who enjoys these actors might like it, at least.


  5. fiza

    Too bad about that one book, but as long as you got a good replacement 😉
    I like Michael’s movies too (thanks to my mom) but I haven’t heard of this one before. Let us know what you think of it 😀

    My Sunday 


  6. thebookdate

    It’s really good when the books we pick up to read are so satisfying – great that you had a good week. I like Diane Keaton too, so must check out the movie.


  7. Teddyree

    Of course Sparky is starving lol, ‘Bones’ my kindle is always hungry too 😉 I’ve heard good things about All Fall Down, it’s one I want to read. That ice tea looks good, I love iced tea and really strong hot tea! Happy reading 🙂


    1. I am addicted to iced tea during hot weather…and I make a big jar of it in the mornings, all ready for the day.

      Bones is a good name for your Kindle…LOL. And I just started All Fall Down, but I enjoy the author’s voice, so I’m excited about my chances of loving it. Thanks for stopping by, Teddyree, and enjoy your week.


    1. Ha-ha…a mimosa is like a Sunday thing for me…except today I had a pomegranate martini just before I went into the movies.

      I had heard nothing about Flying Shoes and then started seeing it around. I’m hopeful. Thanks for visiting, Sam, and enjoy the week.


    1. I am looking forward to Evergreen, too, Kathy…and yes, I did get to the movies and loved it. I have never seen Diane and Michael in a movie, and I was intrigued. There was laughter, there were a few tears, there were sentimental moments…I’ll get the DVD when it comes out.


    1. I think the new system must send us all different “queues,” as they’re calling it nowadays. And ever since I picked my two, the queue has not filled up again (there were only 5 books in it). Vine for All has a lot more, and that’s where I found three books. (One is still on its way: Save the Date). Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and enjoy.


    1. Well, I sort of keep to the schedule…last week, I put one down and picked up a different one….but I tell myself that going from Plan A to Plan B is okay. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and enjoy your week.


  8. Wow…that iced tea looks delicious. 🙂 It is cold here today so I actually don’t want anything cold, though. I have on jeans and a sweatshirt. 🙂

    Very nice week mailbox and week for you.

    We Are Not Ourselves looks good. I have it too.

    Love the cover of The House of Glass.

    Have a good week, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday


  9. You have some great books in your haul! 🙂 And So It Goes looks like a good movie. Why haven’t I heard of this one yet? 🙂 Have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post 🙂


  10. How did you like And So It Goes? Was it good? After liking the movie Begin Again quite a bit, I’m somewhat curious now about the movie “Words and Pictures” which is playing around here. Hmm it’s got Clive Owen so I’ll likely have to take the plunge. Have a good week!


    1. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Susan…I don’t know if it would appeal to younger folks, although there are characters of all ages, including children. I now want to see Begin Again; Words and Pictures is also on my list.


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