Monday night was a series of serendipitous moments, brought about by an invitation to dinner at the home of Heather and Steven, my daughter and her fiance.

Friends and family gathered together to celebrate food and connections.  And the delightful eggplant lasagna (above) was the centerpiece.

We always have such wonderful conversations, too, about what’s happening in our lives; and about the assorted topics of books, movies, and TV shows.

Noah, who will be twelve in a few months, is an animated conversationalist as well, joining in like the adults.  He has always been that way, probably because he is my daughter’s only child and has been surrounded by adults all of his life.  He has charted his own course, too, enjoying life’s discoveries.

In this photo (below), he is toddling along near the house in the foothills where he lived for the first three years of his life.




The guesthouse just down the sloping lawn from the main house was his first home.



guesthouse in friant


Here is where the family gathered back then, going back and forth between the two houses; and (below), he is pictured (left) with his Uncle Chris and cousin Aiden (on the right)





I miss those curls…but his more grown-up look is also awesome.  Here he is with his mom:  Heather.


Heather and Noah

Serendipitous family moments;  the stuff of contentment.

What has your week been like?  Any accidental/serendipitous moments?



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I also had to change the header here…just for fun!



  1. How precious to watch your grandson grow into such a vibrant young man. I look forward to watching my grandkids do the same (they’re younger than 3). And that lasagna looks delicious!


    1. Isn’t it fun? Noah and my granddaughter Fiona are the only ones who have lived in the same city as I, so I have enjoyed more moments with them. With the others, it is through photos…but yes, the moments are great.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary…and that lasagna was definitely tasty. I took home leftovers…LOL.


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