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Good morning, Bloggers!  Grab some coffee, and let’s talk about our weeks.




The relatively short cool mornings and long warm afternoons have led to more time indoors…and lots of reading and blogging.




Sunday Thoughts from the Interior:  A Retreat or an Escape?

Curl up with News:  Wendy Wax Brings Back the Women

Tuesday Sparks:  Intros/Teasers – “The Arsonist”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Promises and Temptations

Eagerly Awaiting:  “A Long Time Gone”

Friday Potpourri:  Book Beginnings/Friday 56 – “One Kick”

Sharing Secrets:  An Excerpt from “Interior Designs”

Saturday Sparks:  Fun & Celebrations

Interior Thoughts:  Organizing on a Saturday

Review:  Redesigning Rose (e-book), by Lydia Laceby

Review:  The Arsonist, by Sue Miller

Review:  The Opposite of Maybe, by Maddie Dawson

Review:  Landline, by Rainbow Rowell



INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Only one book came in my mailbox, from Amazon Vine.  However….I downloaded THREE e-books and bought a bargain book at Barnes & Noble.  Yay!


Eyes on You, by Kate Whit4 (From Amazon Vine)




Into the Darkest Corner, by Elizabeth Haynes







Cutting Teeth (e-book), by Julia Fierro





Have No Shame (e-book), by Melissa Foster





Final Appeal (e-book), by Lisa Scottoline








NEXT WEEK ON THE BLOGS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


The Book of You, by Claire Kendal (Vine review)






One Kick (Kick Lannigan Series – #1), by Chelsea Cain (Vine review)





Summerland, by Elin Hilderbrand (Mt. TBR Challenge)





Whatever You Love (e-book), by Louise Doughty (Mt. TBR Challenge)







And that’s my week!  I can’t wait to dive into it.  What are you blogging & reading about?








  1. Hope you’re enjoying your reading this week. I love cool mornings and It is nice to be able to retreat indoors sometimes when it gets too warm out. Too much of a good thing ha ha!

    Nice review of Landline. I read one of her books and felt the same way, very connected with the characters. She has a knack for that seems like.


    1. Thanks, Greg…and it is great to spend both indoor and outdoor time reading. Rainbow Rowell has a new fan with me. I loved Attachments, but enjoyed Landline even more. Have a great week!


  2. It’s been a while since I read a Hilderbrand book. I think I have Summerland on my shelf so I’ll watch for your review. Have a great week and I hope all of your new books are good.


  3. fiza

    Nice 🙂 Love the cover of Have No Shame and I don’t know but Cutting Teeth kind of freaks me out lol. oh and do enjoy your coffee!


  4. Glad you had a good week, Laurel! I am dying to read The Arsonist by Sue Miller. I have read every one of her books, starting with The Good Mother years and years ago! This is near the top of my to-read wishlist. Also interested in your thoughts on The Kick by Chelsea Cain. I have been a coward about reading her series with Gretchen and Archie due to its explicit violence but I hear so many rave about her talented writing that maybe I will give it a try. Have a good week coming up– stay cool in the heat!


    1. Oh, yes, I have been a fan of Miller’s since The Good Mother, too. I still have my copy of that book…and also the movie. Loved While I Was Gone, too, and all of her other books.

      And yes, Gretchen and Archie are quite the pair…the suspense is addictive. But I’m hoping to love One Kick and this new character. Thanks for visiting, Rita, and enjoy…hope you’re settling in nicely.


  5. Looks like a fun mix of books. Summerland looks interesting and Hilderbrand is one of those names that keep flitting onto my authors to try list. I’m so interested in Landline. I enjoyed Attachments but have yet to read any of her other books. Fangirl didn’t really interest me but I’m definitely intrigued by Landline.


    1. Even though I have Fangirl, I haven’t yet read it. I suspect that I will prefer her adult books, as I enjoyed Attachments and Landline.. Not a big YA fan…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine.


    1. Oh, I hope you like The Book of You…it is definitely creepy but also a page-turner; I am constantly wondering what will ultimately happen. Thanks for stopping by, Nise, and enjoy the sunshine.


  6. thebookdate

    I would like to try a book by Melissa Foster at some point. I have not as yet read anything of hers, but she looks like an author I would enjoy. Maybe I even have something on my Kindle by her, I must check.


  7. Wow you did get a lot of blogging done last week! I cleaned up my patio area and plan to add in some new flowers this week to spruce it up a little. I’m looking forward to doing some reading and blogging outdoors since the weather is nicer. I hope you have a terrific week with a lot of wonderful weather! 🙂


  8. Teddyree

    Another busy week on your blog. Nice mix of books as always. I haven’t read anything by Louise Doughty but I do like that cover … very moody. Have a wonderful week and happy reading 🙂


    1. I have been seeing that one around, too…some love it, while others do not. I like that kind of mixed reaction. Hope to find it interesting, at least…LOL. Thanks for visiting, Serena, and have a great week.


  9. What a good pile of books, I really like Hilderbrand. Always afraid I’ll misspell her name. I’ve seen The Book of You and a synopsis on a blog or somewhere else. It really looked good too. Enjoy your books.


  10. Okay, i so envy that you got to read Landline by Rainbow Rowell already! I stopped myself from reading the review until I got to read it myself. Great haul, by the way. Lots of interesting reads, not my usual but I have a feeling that you are going to be enjoying reading those. Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Post 🙂


  11. hello! I’m a day late… darn work deadlines 🙂

    I want to read Cutting Teeth, I’m reading some great reviews! I also need to look at whatever you love.

    Have a lovely week,


    1. I want to start reading Cutting Teeth soon, but have others ahead of it…sigh. But Whatever You Love is one of those, and I just started it. Already it’s good! Thanks for visiting, Mari.


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