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Good morning, Bloggers!  Grab some coffee, and let’s talk about our weeks.



A few days ago, my newest novel, Interior Designs, became available on Kindle.  It is also available in paperback.


Front Cover-resized again


For those of you out there still waiting for spring, today feels like a summer here in the Central Valley.  Too much of a good thing?



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Review:  That Night, by Chevy Stevens

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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


One book came in my mailbox, unexpectedly, from St. Martin’s Press.  Strangely enough, I had just downloaded that very book onto Sparky!  So I have two copies of this one:

Keep Quiet, by Lisa Scottoline




And then, because I had heard so many good things about this one, I downloaded it as well:


The Headmaster’s Wife (e-book), by Thomas Christopher Greene







WHAT’S UP NEXT ON THE BLOGS? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)


Safe with Me (e-book), by Amy Hatvany




True Blend, by Joanne DeMaio




Dancing in the Streets, by Steven P. Unger






That was my week!  What did yours look like?





  1. I have every single book mentioned above on my wishlist or on my kindle 🙂 except Dancing in the Streets, which is new to me. The Headmaster’s Wife was highly praised by Patty, so when I bought Interior Designs I snuck that one onto my kindle also. I am a fan of Chevy Stevens and don’t understand some of the negative critiques of her work, but to each her own. I have the first DeMaio book on my kindle, not sure if that is a series or not, but will read it before I get True Blend and the rest..
    Seems like you had a fantastic week–hope this coming one is special also!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rita, and I hope you enjoy all of your books. I don’t understand the criticisms of Chevy Stevens, either…I absolutely adored That Night, as well as her other books. And yes, to each her own.

      As for the DeMaio books, some of the characters show up in other books, but I think each can stand alone.

      Dancing in the Streets was one I am reviewing at the author’s request…and I couldn’t resist another look back at the 60s.

      Patty loved The Headmaster’s Wife…and I was drawn in by the blurb, too.


  2. Congratulations on Interior Designs! How exciting!!! I need to check out your review of The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. I’ve read a few of her books and enjoyed them. Wishing you a terrific week!


    1. Thanks, Lola…I am pleased with the cover, too. As for spring, our temperatures started upwards yesterday, almost to HOT…but today seems slightly cooler so far. Glad you could stop by, and enjoy your week.


    1. Good for you, Catherine…isn’t that the most fun about blog hopping? The sheer numbers of books I’ve added to my shelves and my lists have grown exponentially with each year of blogging…LOL. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks, Voracious Reader…it has been quite a journey since I began this book during NaNoWriMo in 2010…I kept putting it aside to work on other things. Glad you could stop by, and I love the flowers! LOL


  3. We’re not having summery weather yet, but I know it’s coming soon. We had a pretty mild week and I think it’s supposed to warm up a little this week. I hope Interior Designs does well, it looks very nice.

    True Blend sounds like a fine read hope you enjoy it!


    1. I thought we would have hot weather all weekend, but it is cooler today. Thanks for the good wishes for Interior Designs, Greg.

      I have enjoyed all of DeMaio’s books, so I’m looking forward to True Blend.


    1. Thanks for the congrats, Nise…this is the second one of Scottoline’s that I’ve received a publisher’s copy of, unexpectedly. Perhaps I shouldn’t buy any of her books until a while after publication? LOL

      But the publisher’s copy was a lovely hardcover book…and not an ARC, so it will look nice on the shelves. Glad you could stop by.


    1. Thanks, Cheryl…I am very pleased to finally have it out there, since I first began the novel during NaNoWriMo in 2010. It went through many incarnations before its birth…LOL

      I am also eager to read The Headmaster’s Wife…thanks for stopping by.


  4. Great cover on your book! I liked the new DeMaio book – a bit different from her previous ones I thought. My review posts in a few days. I’ve only read one Hatvany book and liked it. Great reviews for the newest so I hope you like(d) it!


    1. Yes, I noticed that, too, Mary….in the peaceful setting we have grown to love, we see crime, kidnapping, and PTSD. Definitely wakes me up!

      Thanks for the congrats on the cover…and thanks for stopping by.


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