When Annie McDaniel takes a second job at Rowe Marketing as a computer specialist, she hopes that the extra income and benefits will help fund her dream to adopt her nephew Dillon.

After her troubled sister Toria was murdered, she made a home for five-year-old Dillon, and has willingly faced the challenges of helping Dillon adjust to the loss and the traumatic events of his childhood years.

But now another family, the wealthy Englands, are fighting for custody, and have no trouble using their vast resources to make that happen.

At her new job, Annie faces still more challenges as she works with her boss Michael. He has had his own troubles and is difficult and brusque, sometimes even surly. Beneath their difficult relationship is a growing and intense attraction. But Annie knows she must fight it…she has too much to lose, and cannot risk anything messing up her goal of adoption.

Michael’s own problematic first marriage has made him relationship phobic as well.

What will the two of them face in the months ahead? Can they set aside their growing desires for Dillon’s sake? And, in the end, can they realize that joining forces might be just the thing they all need?

I couldn’t stop turning the pages, as the custody battle heated up and as the dynamics shifted dramatically between Annie, Michael, and Dillon. Sometimes when a dream is just within your grasp, you discover other unexpected obstacles. Will Annie and Michael find their way?

An emotional, yet feel-good story of making your own dreams possible, The Dream You Make is one I would recommend for all who enjoy stories about relationships, challenges, and a happily-ever-after that comes despite the numerous obstacles along the way. 4.5 stars.

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