Welcome to our Mini-Bloggiesta!  Here’s what I’m doing for Mini-Challenges:

Branding:  On a Book Bender hosts this challenge.

Challenge: Answer #1. If you want to do more, proceed to #2 and #3. Comment with what you did.

1. How well does your blog name reflect what your blog is about?

I think the title Serendipity is reflective of the first novel I published, which is what this particular blog is about:  An Accidental Life. 

The blog highlights the various themes of the book (dysfunctional families, foster care, Central Valley).  The tagline carries the theme further.  The blog is also a place to reflect on my reading and blogging journey, another repeat of the theme of  “life’s unexpected twists and turns.”

The novel is part of my presence here…and the blog header images and background images reflect themes from the novel and the tagline.

2. Create a tagline.  My tagline is “Life’s Unexpected Twists & Turns,” which tells us a bit more about the book.

3. Look at the name you use to leave comments. Change it to reflect your brand. For example, “Amanda @ On a Book Bender” is more recognizable than just “Amanda.”

My name “Laurel-Rain Snow” is my pen name on the novels I have created.



Back to Basics, hosted by Suey

1.  Clean up the blog:

I removed several widgets, leaving the primary ones that showcase my first novel and which help readers connect to me.

I did not do the second item (Write a review), as mine are all caught up!

Here is an updated list for this Mini-Bloggiesta:

 do two mini challenges  Done!
 change or fix one thing on your sidebar  Done!
❏  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc)  Added a Page:  Excerpt from An Accidental Life
 change one thing on your layout and/or look Done!  New blog header, background, & theme
❏  comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs Done!
 participate in at least one Twitter chat Done!






  2. You’ve nailed those goals, well done!

    Re your branding post, I think if you comment as Laurel-Rain Snow @ Serendipity, it will help link you further with your blog. Your images reflect the blog name so I think that will place your firmly in peoples minds. Just my 2 cent worth :O


      1. Eleven blogs, yikes! Ok that is hard, I suppose if you are commenting, just use a link to whatever blog is most relevant to that person. If you know what a mean. Which blog are they must likely to visit and make a connection with.

        Consistent branding for 11 blogs must be hard!


    1. I review each book right after I finish it…since I don’t take notes. Then I post on Amazon, Goodreads, and one of my blogs all at one go by copying and pasting. Makes it easier for me.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tizzy, and I’m going over to check out your list, too.


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