17742914In Seattle, Dr. Charlotte Reese has taken on the care of an unidentified woman, a Jane Doe, injured in an apparent hit and run accident. Or perhaps not an accident. For some reason, unknown even to herself, Charlotte becomes increasingly invested in what will happen to Jane. Especially as more time passes, with nobody coming forward to claim her. As her own personal life with long time partner, Eric, seems stalled, with a mysterious affliction seemingly standing between them and a future, Charlotte is willingly distracted by this new challenge.

Meanwhile, in an alternate storyline, almost as if it is a parallel universe, we follow the story of Raney and Bo, children from another time and from a place outside Seattle on a peninsula. A place called Quentin. They are unlikely friends, joined serendipitously by circumstances. It is clear that this part of the story takes place in the past, and slowly the story progresses, leading us to the present. We follow Raney through her relationship with Bo, with her husband Cleet, and finally with her husband David, who seems like a very poor choice for her. And then there is Raney’s son Jake…and an affliction that seems to be a significant plot point.

Who is Jane Doe? What mysterious circumstances have led her to a deserted road where such a disaster could befall her? What is the connection between each of these characters, other than the growing attachment Charlotte has for Jane Doe?

Gemini: A Novel is a mystery, a family story, and a love story, and one that delves deep into the genetic secrets that connect family members. A real page turner, I could not wait to find out where each of the characters would go, and what would be their fate. I realized some of the connections early on, but there were still plenty of surprises before the tale is done. Five stars.


  1. Laurel, thank you so much for reading this early copy of Gemini and posting your review so others might find my book. I appreciate your time and kind words, not to mention those five stars! Be well, Carol Cassella


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