While Dana Carlson finished setting up the building for its implosion, her mind was focused totally on the job. She felt that surge of control…something she needs in her life. In the demolition business, one must be in control.

So when the calls start coming from “private caller,” she ignores them. Until finally, when the job is done, she picks up. And the voice of her teenage niece Peyton sweeps her back in time, sixteen years before, to a time and place she escaped. Running from her past and her secrets.

But Peyton is telling Dana that her sister Julie is very sick and needs a kidney transplant. So, almost on auto pilot, Dana agrees to go back to Black Bear, Minnesota. But will she be able to face what is there?

Back in Black Bear, she is stunned by what she finds. She is too late, and Julie is dead. And what Dana soon discovers is that many people in Black Bear are suddenly dying of kidney disease, in numbers too large to be random. What is happening?

As she begins to investigate, she is confronted by the rage of the community. By those who see her as an intruder…a threat to their livelihood. Is the large plant in town causing the problems?

What will Dana uncover, and who will be on her side? Will anyone help her or will everyone stand in her way? And which of Dana’s secrets will come to light?

Narrated alternately by Dana and Peyton, we come to see beneath their surfaces as the story unfolds, and I came to care deeply for each of them.

Another unputdownable book from Carla Buckley, Invisible: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) is a reminder of what is hidden beneath the surface: from nano particles to deeply held secrets. And how many will fight desperately to keep things hidden. Five stars.



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