17345258For Sookie Simmons Poole, life in Point Clear, Alabama, has been full of rules and expectations. Her mother Lenore has always felt entitled and secure in who she is. And in placing many demands on Sookie, she keeps trying to reinforce the same goals in Sookie.

But Sookie is not so sure about any of that, and Lenore’s expectations of her have always felt a bit like a burden.

So when she receives an unexpected letter one day, her world tilts in totally new directions.

The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion: A Novel is a wonderful tale with alternate time lines and stories, beginning around the turn of the century. It veers between Pulaski, Wisconsin, and a family named Jurdabralinski, and the Simmons/Poole family in Point Clear, Alabama.

We are brought into the center of the Wisconsin family during WWII, when the daughters of that family took over the family business of the Phillips 66 Filling Station when the men went off to war. From there we saw three of those women become pilots during special volunteer assignments as WASPS.

What is the connection between these families? How does what Sookie learns in the letter change how she sees herself and what she begins to do with her life?

What a great story! I love how the author fleshed out the characters in the different time periods, bringing the reader into the colorful era of WWII…and then wafting us back to the present.

And I enjoyed how the ending brought out a few secrets not revealed previously. Definitely a book that fans of Fannie Flagg will applaud. Five stars.


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