Ten years after she is acquitted for her sister’s murder, Katherine McCall returns home to Liberty, Louisiana, knowing full well that almost everyone there believes that she “got away with murder.”

Determined to prove them wrong, and to find justice for her sister, Kat is on the trail of some clues that she follows, along with Acting Police Chief, Luke Tanner, who does not believe she is guilty. His father, however, is equally determined to prove that he was not mistaken all those years ago. Will he finally acknowledge his mistakes?

And will Kat be able to uncover the truth? Will repeated vandalism of her property, a fire, and thwarted efforts to buy property for her business succeed in frightening her away from her quest? What character flaws will be revealed about some of the town’s leaders?

The story flashes back and forth between 2003–the year of the murder–and 2013, revealing bits and pieces of various individuals’ activities then and now. As we close in on finding the true killer, the pages turn more rapidly. Numerous possible suspects had me guessing and wondering, but the final reveal had more layers than I had expected, and the surprises were very satisfactory. Justice for Sara had a nice mix of mystery and romance. Five stars.


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