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Good morning!  Today’s post will link up to Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post,  Book Dragon’s Lair, for Mailbox Monday, and Book Journey, for What Are You Reading?

What a week!  Many distractions, including renewing my driver’s license, which involved going into the DMV for the first time in many years, and taking a written exam!  No worries…I passed.  But I hate the process…I like the interim years when I just have to mail back the form.

I took out some of my anxiety on the furnishings…and rearranged some things.


I had a great day today, enjoying the fall breezes and luxuriating with my book at Barnes & Noble.  Sometimes it feels good to take a break from reading at home.



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INCOMING BOOKS: (Linked to Amazon)

I downloaded one e-book!

Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club, by Liz Stauffer


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Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert (Mt. TBR Challenge)


Murder at Castle Rock (e-book), by Anne Marie Stoddard (Review book:  still reading)



Grab some coffee, & let's chat!

Grab some coffee, & let’s chat!


  1. Such a fun mix of books you’re reading. It is fun to take a break from reading at home and relax in a new place for a bit. I dread the thought of having to renew my license. Our state has changed things so it’s like starting all over again no matter how long you’ve had your license.

    Oh, I’m with Harvee. I love your coffee cup. I’m terrible about buy single cups just because they make me smile. Have a great Sunday.

    Thoughts in Progress


    • I do have a collection of “single mugs,” but this one is actually part of a set that I kept forgetting to use because of my obsession with the Coca Cola dinnerware (which I gave to my daughter).

      Thanks for stopping by, Mason…and I was terrified that somehow I would miss too many questions on the quiz…even though I studied all the practice exams online! But the thought of not being able to drive, after all these years, had me in knots!


    • I am curious, since I did enjoy the movie…but some people didn’t like the book. Now I have waited such a long time to read it, too, so I’m hoping to like it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandy, and enjoy your week.


    • Knowing that I had to renew on or before my birthday this year was like an axe hanging over my head…especially once I got the notice that I also had to take the written exam. I haven’t had to do anything except paperwork for so many years that it was inevitable that the “reprieve” would end. Eventually we have to go in.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jenea….enjoy your week.


    • Thanks, Lark…and I am loving The Whole Golden World. Almost finished, which tells you how much of a page turner it is. I really didn’t want to sleep last night.

      And yes, of course you may stick to tea! LOL


    • Oh, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love….some readers didn’t. But isn’t that the way with anything even slightly unconventional? Like The Whole Golden World…I can see mixed reviews on it because of the controversial topic. Like Picoult’s books.

      Thanks for visiting, Catherine, and enjoy your week.


  2. You had a very busy but productive week last week! I spent the day at the DMV the week before getting one child his license and the other her permit. Although I was there for longer than makes me happy, I’ve been congratulating myself on doing it all in one fell swoop so as to maximize my DMV day. 😉


    • I like the way you think, Kristen…I always like “killing two birds with one stone.”

      For my trip, I made an appointment at the least busy DMV office around, even though it meant driving miles more than I would like….and I was in and out in less than an hour!

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week.


  3. Hi Laurel-Rain,

    I am hoping that by the time I need to renew my driving licence, the system may have changed and it will all happen automatically … don’t rate my chances much!

    I love a good hot mug of black coffee, so your mug looks inviting as it is just about the right size and shape (I can’t stand really thick china). The tray is also delightful, much more so than the battered one I continue to use, although we do have plenty of nicer ones.

    I love almost all your featured books this week, although if I have to be good and pick just one, it will have to be ‘Thursday Morning Breakfast Club’ and if I am not so good and allow myself two, ‘Murder At Castle Rock’, to go along with it! …. Good or Bad, I’ll let you decide which I have chosen!

    Have a great week,



    • Your choices do look good….and I, too, love the mug. My Coca Cola trays are starting to show wear, but I’ll keep using them. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne, and I do like that we can sometimes go a few years before having to reappear at the DMV.


  4. I like to read at coffee shops too- somehow I get more reading done when I’m not distracted at home. Love the look of The Whole Golden World. Have a great week!


  5. You had to take a quiz??? Glad you passed. I had to go renew my license in person when I turned 50, but did not have to take a quiz. Now I get 8 years of renewal by mail, unless I get in an accident. I have good intentions of reading away from home, but more often than not, I get distracted by people watching. Have a great week.


    • Yes, I coasted for years renewing by mail, but I must have hit some pivotal decade (LOL); the test was short, but I was anxious anyway. There are practice tests online that I went over, but at the actual test, there were three questions that hadn’t shown up. So it’s probably better to also study the manual!

      Luckily, I didn’t have to drive. I have a good driving record, but I’ll bet that will come up when I hit a really high age range.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise….and I also people watch, but usually when I am reading at an outdoor cafe.


    • It really consumed my weeks before the test, because I was terrified. And I’m usually a good test taker…but the consequences are dire. Not driving? Unimaginable.

      The online practice tests helped.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your week.


    • Oh, I also had to take a visual exam….my bad! When I was there, I saw an elderly man with a cane, who had just taken a driving test. That’s probably what will happen next for me! lol

      Thanks for visiting, Deb, and have a great week.


    • I wasn’t sure I would, Kathy, as it had been years…but they have practice tests online, which I used. There is also a manual which I didn’t look at, but probably should have, as some new laws have passed in recent years (about smoking in the car with minors). Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  6. I still need to read Eat, Pray, Love and I refuse to see the movie until I read it…hopefully one of these days! Two Sisters and The Whole Golden World both sound very interesting…I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on them.

    Have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book


    • I LOVED The Whole Golden World and I’m enjoying Two Sisters so far.

      I shouldn’t have seen the movie before reading the book…that is probably why the book sat on the stacks so long. I figured I already knew the book…lol. Thanks for visiting, Kristin, and enjoy your week.


  7. I can’t wait for your review of The Whole Golden World; it is on my wishlist-shortlist. I read a book by the author last year and enjoyed it. Glad you got over the DMV thing. Actually I don’t enjoy any government offices, including Social Security too. So much pressure, I feel like I’m back in school 🙂
    Glad you had a good week. Don’t you love reading a book in a bookstore. Just something about that experience. Have fun this week with those interesting books!


    • Thanks for visiting, Rita…I LOVED The Whole Golden World, and I reviewed it here on this blog….hope you enjoy it, too.

      Yes, I am pretty disgusted with most “government” offices, etc., and hope that other issues get settled this week. I am worried about getting one of my checks if they don’t approve the debt ceiling in time.

      I do love reading in the bookstore….although our old B & N was even better, with a loft-like cafe.


  8. Because of my accident I no longer have to renew a driver’s license but to vote I need an ID Card and now I need to change the address on it which means another visit to the DMV 🙂

    Happy Reading!!


    • Oh, glad to hear it, Teddyree…I am amazed at some of the horribly negative reviews…but the larger numbers were positive. The negative ones were kind of mean, which turned me off. Thanks for stopping by, and I did enjoy Two Sisters. I wasn’t sure about that one in the beginning, but then I loved it.


  9. I did not make it through Eat, Pray, Love but I did enjoy the movie. I also have Gilbert’s new book on my wishlist. A written driving test would cause me a bit of stress after so many years. I’m glad it is behind you! Have a great week!


    • That written test had me obsessing about all the ways I might mess up! Luckily, I also did some practice review tests…and passed. But I don’t like that kind of stress.

      So far, I haven’t read much of Eat, Pray, Love…it doesn’t seem to fly by quickly. Maybe I’ll like it more later? Thanks for stopping by, Beth.


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