81HLU+dFHIL._SL1500_Kit Brennan grew up in San Francisco in the midst of a big, rollicking family of lively, opinionated siblings, including her fraternal twin Brianna. But while the others were making their views known and getting what they wanted out of life, Kit was still trying to please those around her.

Living like that has taken its toll, and Kit finds herself on the cusp of her fortieth birthday, wondering if she will ever find the happy home and family she is seeking. Is it even possible, or must she modify her dream? How can she ever find the right man when she seems to be very bad at choosing the men she’s with? And what secret event from her childhood hovers overhead, its frightening aura a reminder of things she doesn’t want to think about?

And how can she get what she wants and still please her father, that boisterous firefighter, like all the other firefighters in the family? In a traditional family like theirs, the quiet good girl is sometimes taken for granted. And a father who is used to being in charge accepts that others will fall into line.

“…Kit, being the good daughter, had grown up lying low, trying not to draw attention, not wanting to displease her parents or cause Dad to feel disappointment.”

And now that Kit is also in the process of saying goodbye to her terminally ill mother and rethinking her dreams, she must also ponder two men she has recently met and reexamine her thoughts about what each of them tell her about herself and her choices. There is Jude, who seems dangerous on the surface, and then there is Michael, who seems like just the kind of man her family would love. But things are not always the way they seem.

As a high school English teacher, Kit has chosen a safe life. She loves her career and her little Queen Anne home, and enjoys the feelings these choices give her. But without realizing it, one of her supposedly “safe” choices has put her on a dangerous path. What will happen and who, if anyone, can help her save a vulnerable girl?

The Good Daughter (A Brennan Sisters Novel) brought me right into the family until I could feel and sense every interaction, while seeing the world in which these characters live. I love San Francisco, so the setting was perfect. I also felt a part of the world that included a cozy beach cottage in Capitola, and its reminder of coastal towns I have loved. As a sequel to The Good Woman (A Brennan Sisters Novel), this book brought out different perspectives, showing us the world through Kit’s eyes. We also saw some scenes from the eyes of Delilah, one of Kit’s teenaged students, who plays an interesting role in the story. Five stars.

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