15818324Responding to a summons from a dying man, Sophie Shepard arrives in Clearfield, VA, after a few postponements…only to discover that Arthur Cubeck has already died.

Before she has a chance to return home again, she is contacted by a lawyer, requesting her presence at the reading of Mr. Cubeck’s will. Apparently there has been a bequest left to her.

Sophie has had a premonition that the unusual request from Mr. Cubeck must have something to do with her birth mother, but in the days that follow, everything becomes murkier and nothing is clear at all.

Meanwhile, Sophie enjoys connecting with some of the townsfolk, like the proprietor of the B & B, a chatty woman named Jesse, and the handsome doctor named Drew McCarren. These connections somehow make staying on for a bit more pleasant.

But suddenly everything turns dark and mysterious, and tragic events are unfolding. And all of it seems to point in her direction. Something About Sophie: A Novel (P.S.) is a mystery, a story about small town life, and secrets that have been hidden for decades, but now clamor to be told.

There were parts of the tale that were intriguing, fun, and even suspenseful. In fact, although I had most of the story figured out before the end, there were a few surprises. Because of the unexpected moments, I am awarding the story 3.5 stars.


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