10604115If you are a person who loves the serendipitous moments in life, those Happy Accidents that appear at just the right time, you will love Jane Lynch in her wonderful memoir.

Narrated with honesty, humor, and a self-deprecating style that is truly heart-warming, this tale could be anyone’s journey. If that journey begins with a head full of dreams and a determination to find her way.

As a teenager, Jane Lynch loved Ron Howard and Vicki Lawrence and dreamed of being an actress. Even as her mother tried to steer her toward learning how to type, she proceeded to perform in school plays and planned how to turn college into a road to acting.

Some of her first “happy accidents” came through plays and commercials, and in one of them, she met Christopher Guest, with whom she would later perform in Best in Show. Another “happy accident” led to a role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

While those moments were like treasures, there was always an underlying fear of failure and of not quite belonging. Much of what she would experience sprang from her growing inner awareness of her sexual orientation, which she would keep secret for a few years. Her journey would also include a lot of hard drinking, a stint in AA, and then a realization.

Even after coming out, her relationships were brief and, as she later concluded, destined to fail because she had created the other person from her own “projections,” instead of knowing the real person.

Years later, and after some success, she would find her true love, to whom she is now married. Another “happy accident,” as the two met unexpectedly in a city where neither of them lived.

Her resounding success with Glee has led to belonging and being part of a regular gig, something which she searched for her whole life. And awards have also finally come to her. I loved learning more about this funny actress in her own voice. I now want to watch Glee…a show I’ve heard about, but have never experienced. Five stars.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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