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Good morning!  Today’s post will link up to Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post, and Mailbox Monday!

I had a very busy week, between hanging out with grandson Noah, who is on summer vacation now, and purging my bookshelves.  Here are some boxes I filled from my shelves.




I thoroughly enjoyed my blogging and reading, in between these activities.  Here’s what went on at my blogs.


Musing About a Delicious Read:  W is for Wasted

Tuesday Potpourri:  Intros/Teasers – The Glass Wives

The Journey Continues:  An Excerpt

Book Hoarding:  A Plan to Curb Those Impulses

Serendipitous Wednesdays:  Dark Witch

Friday Potpourri:  More Book Purging

Friday Sparks:  Book Beginnings/56 – Innocent Little Crimes

Sweet Saturday Sample:  Homeward Bound


Reading: (Click Titles for Reviews)

Flora, by Gail Godwin

Coming Clean:  A Memoir, by Kimberly Rae Miller

44 Charles Street, by Danielle Steel (From Mt. TBR)

No Child of Mine (e-book), by Susan Lewis



And now for incoming books!  I did not receive any in the mail, but downloaded one e-book (my purchase).

Is This Tomorrow? (e-book), by Caroline Leavitt


In 1956, Ava Lark rents a house with her twelve-year-old son, Lewis, in a desirable Boston suburb. Ava is beautiful, divorced, Jewish, and a working mom. She finds her neighbors less than welcoming. Lewis yearns for his absent father, befriending the only other fatherless kids: Jimmy and Rose. One afternoon, Jimmy goes missing. The neighborhood—in the throes of Cold War paranoia—seizes the opportunity to further ostracize Ava and her son.

Years later, when Lewis and Rose reunite to untangle the final pieces of the tragic puzzle, they must decide: Should you tell the truth even if it hurts those you love, or should some secrets remain buried?


Today I’m reading a book I borrowed from the library:  Stay, by Deb Caletti.  I thoroughly enjoyed He’s Gone, which I read a couple of weeks ago.


What was your week like?  What’s coming up for you?  I hope you’ll stop by to chat.




    1. It is…and in the end, I was ruthlessly tossing in books that didn’t feel familiar to me; they weren’t favorites. That’s the only way I could do it! I’ll donate the books to the next library collection drive. Thanks for stopping by, Harvee.


      1. Donating to the library is a wonderful way to clear your shelves and help your library at the same time. Our library grabs anything they want for their collection and sells the rest in the Friends of the Library sale, so it helps out either way.


  1. Books in the Burbs

    Your book for purchase sounds like a fantastic read!! I love a good mystery, sprinkled with some great relationship issues and history-sounds right up my alley! I can’t believe you are spring cleaning your books, too!! Wow-you’ve been having a very productive week and enjoying some sweet time with your grandson! Have a great Sunday!


    1. Thanks, Lisa…it was an interesting week. The book I bought is from an author whose previous book I loved: Pictures of You. Family drama, relationship issues….the stuff of favorites for me. Glad you could stop by.


    1. It is an interesting book so far. I picked it because of a book I read by the author a couple of weeks ago called “He’s Gone.” Which was kind of a mystery, but there were lots of secrets, etc. And this one is turning out like that in a different kind of way. Thanks for visiting, Annie.


  2. Nice new reads! I didn’t know Caroline Leavitt had a new book–another one for my TBR list. I managed to donate two shopping bags of books this week for my library’s summer reading program…hope to keep the momentum going.

    Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. I hope that I’ll keep purging (as needed), and it’s a great way to get those books and shelves dusted and rearranged! Thanks for stopping by, Catherine; I happened on the Leavitt book on someone’s blog. Had to download it!


    1. I can relate to that feeling, Kristen…I just grabbed my Swiffer and a box and started in…and I planned to just empty a couple of shelves, but the next day found me back at it again. I’m a bit compulsive…with collecting, and now with purging! lol Thanks for stopping by.


    1. So far I am, Brandileigh….I don’t read many YA books, and it was the author’s adult book that led me here, but the MC is someone who looks deep inside to figure out why she has done what she’s done…which I prefer over the silly and superficial ones I often see in the YA blurbs…lol

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I’ve heard good things about Is This Tomorrow. I have He’s Gone on the stack to read/review soon so I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Stay. Have a good week!


  4. I’ve added Is This Tomorrow to my ever expanding list of wants…… to just find the time to read them all. In between sewing projects and husband-tending, my day gets pretty full. Better than the alternative, I guess. LOL


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