messy bookshelves-memeWelcome to Serendipitous Thursdays, and pull up a chair while we talk about bookish things in the Booking Through Thursday event.

Today’s Prompt:

What’s the last book that made you spring to your feet, eager to spread the word and tell everyone how much you enjoyed it?


Funny you should ask, as I just finished a book that I thought would be lovely, but which turned into something so much more.  There were secrets, a bit of a mystery, and a suspenseful journey through Europe to right a wrong.

The Summer of France (click link for my review) was that book, by Paulita Kincer (Blogger at An Accidental Blog).


I could not put it down!  I got my copy as an e-book….and Sparky traveled with me everywhere until I turned the last page.  It was true serendipity!


What was that book for you?




  1. Just looking at the cover would make me think this is a romance book. (There I go judging books by there cover.) 🙂 Your description of the book has me thinking, hmm….maybe a good read after all. I love mystery and suspense. 🙂


  2. I love books like that, where I’m pretty sure I’ll like it, but it just turns into something so much more. The Bells, by Richard Harvell, was that way for me. On the lighter side, I’ve Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella; chick lit is usually just a fun diversion but this one really clicked with me.


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