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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning, Sunday Saloners!

It has been a lovely week in these parts, which means that I’ve been out and about more…and the reading has been less productive.

But I did manage to finish three books; I also did a little blogging.

But before we go there, check out this photo of some other things I’ve been doing.

4-6 bedroom changes 3

I cleared off a lot of dolls from the tops of my bookshelves in the bedroom (all the shelves used to have dolls on them; now, only one of these three!)….and then swept through my office.  To read more about it, check out  Saturday Potpourri:  Editing the Collections.

On Monday, I mused about A Book I Had to Buy.

Tuesday found me looking back at Iconic Times, Images, & Poignant Moments (with an excerpt)

On Wednesday, I announced my upcoming Five-Year Blogoversary at Story Corner (there will be a giveaway!).

Also, on Wednesday, I interviewed Author Colby Marshall, at Dames of Dialogue.

I had a spring moment on Friday and chatted about Gifts of Rainy Days:  April Showers Bring May Flowers.

My Sweet Saturday Sample revealed a Y2K moment for my MC in Defining Moments, in Taking a Leap of Faith.

Now for the Reading-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

Midnight Sacrifice, by Melinda Leigh


Life After Life, by Jill McCorkle


The Time of My Life, by Cecelia Ahern



And today, I hope to finish Naked in Death (e-book), by J. D. Robb.



I hope you’ll come on by and chat!

Let's chat about books, etc.
Let’s chat about books, etc.


    1. I sometimes think I should have gone that way, Harvee….but now I am stashing a few of them away. I wonder if I’m done for now? lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and the books were enjoyable.


    1. This is my first J. D. Robb…I’m loving it. I don’t know why, but I didn’t realize it was a futuristic novel.

      It’s been a lot of fun meeting these characters.

      Thanks for visiting….and enjoy your dolls, too.


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