sunday salon logoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to Oscar Sunday!  Let’s join our Sunday Salon group and chat about what’s happening today, tonight, and what we did last week.

Do any of you enjoy watching the Oscars?  What movies have you loved this year?

It took me awhile to watch the movie that I’ve been eager to see…but I saw it yesterday on my On Demand lineup.  Argo!  Yes, I vividly remember the angst of those days when the hostages were held in Iran.

And I wasn’t aware of this underlying story that came through so intensely in this film.


I didn’t pause the movie once!  It was too suspenseful, and I sat with my fists clenched as the story unfolded so dramatically.

I imagine there will be some awards for this one!

But meanwhile, back at the ranch….Or in my house, there was some blogging and reading this week.


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Tuesday Potpourri:  A Morning with Books, Coffee, & the DVR

Thursday Potpourri: Fiona Through the Years — Happy Birthday!

Sweet Saturday Sample:  Meeting Evan

Reading-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

1.  Evil at Heart, by Chelsea Cain (Sequel Challenge)



2.  Emancipating Alice (e-book), by Ava Winder



3.   Plum Spooky, by Janet Evanovich (Sequel Challenge)



4.  After the Rain (e-book), by Karen White (Sequel Challenge)



And today I’m reading The Art of Men, by Kirstie Alley…and expect to be finished soon!  Funny, but with some serious moments, too.



Now I’m going back to bed for breakfast on that tray you see above…and to read and catch up on my DVR stash.  But I’ll be checking out your posts!  Happy Sunday!



21 thoughts on “TSS: OSCAR SUNDAY! LET’S CHAT — FEB. 24

    1. Staci, I was slightly older (lol); I do recall dating an Iranian college student during that time and getting scandalized looks from my friends. Oh, well. Not everyone was in agreement with what those Iranians did over there, not even other Iranians.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. After the Rain caught my eye! I liked Argo too but am curious about the Canadian controversy, when the Canadians say they did not get enough credit for the plan and rescue of the Americans from Iran. They said they were responsible for it all, the rescue, not the CIA.


    1. Yes, there were questions left hanging….But what a great story! Thanks for stopping by, Harvee…and After the Rain was one of those lovely stories that take the reader right into the heart of the settings and the characters’ lives.


  3. Eager to see if Argo wins the best pix award and if it does, if Ben will credit the Canadians with the rescue plan and the rescue itself, which they say they were responsible for, not the CIA!!

    Loved your books!


  4. We almost ordered ARGO yesterday from Directv to watch but decided to wait until next weekend when our granddaughter will be with her mom. That way we can watch uninterrupted and still spent quality time with Natalie 🙂


  5. Argo sounds great; I haven’t seen it yet. In fact, I think the only Best Picture nominee I’ve seen is Les Miserables, though I’d like to see Lincoln and perhaps Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook. Are you watching the Oscars tonight? I might watch some of it; we’ll see. I’ve got a lot to do today.

    Have fun with your new books! Happy reading! And thank you for stopping by my Sunday Post/Salon this morning!


  6. I am notorious for having it seen many Oscar-nominated films and this year is no different, though in years past I definitely would have seen The Hobbit… We just never could find time to go to the movies! Glad you enjoyed Argo, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    Looks like you’ve gotten some good reading done, too! 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you think about Kirstie Alley’s book!

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Salon post, too!


    1. I know that in years past, I saw a lot more movies…it seems as though the reading and blogging (and writing) are consuming my time. Thanks for visiting, Melissa…and I’m enjoying the Kirstie Alley book so far.


  7. I have to say I don’t usually watch the Oscars, but happen to be at my parents and am watching both the Daytona 500 and the Oscars. Personally, I loved Argo, even if the story was a partial fabrication of the truth. I also just saw Flight and thought Denzel Washington was great in that too.


    1. I wondered how much of the story was fabricated…I don’t recall hearing anything about those six while the hostage situation was going on. I do recall the hostage situation. Thanks for stopping by, Bryan….


  8. I love the Oscars – I love almost all the award shows. This year I haven’t seen any of the movies, but I do intend to see them on DVD (we rarely go to the movies anymore). Argo is tops on my list to see. It looks great.


  9. I usually watch the Red Carpet walk, and the beginning of the Oscar show, but when the first commercial comes that ends my Oscar watching. I will be watching a PBS special about “Johnny Carson: American Masters” at 8-10 pm CST tonight.

    I started to read the Kirstie Alley book, but hated it and never finished it, I found what I read of it a BIG disappointment. I personally did not find much humor in it. I think I read to page 168 before I said enough is enough. I did post a brief piece about it on my “Book Lust Journal” about my thoughts of the book. I hope you like it better than I did. Happy Reading…


    1. I might give up on the Oscars before I finish, but I’m recording them on my DVR. I noticed on Goodreads that you didn’t like the Kirstie Alley book. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a five star read. Thanks for visiting today, Gigi Ann…and enjoy your evening.


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