sunday salon logoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning, Sunday Saloners!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, full of romantic moments…and/or great reading.

I enjoyed a few good reading and blogging moments, and before I get into that, I just want to say how much I enjoy these little Sunday chats.  Wandering around the blogosphere and finding the familiar sites I love to read, as well as the occasional new one.

I had a great afternoon at the neighborhood library, which I shared at my Saturday Snapshot post yesterday.

Here’s a glimpse:


Lately I’ve been visiting the library more, requesting books, etc.  It helps with that overflowing bookshelf problem!

Blogging World:

On Monday, I wrote a Monday Potpourri:  Musings post about some of my reading habits.  Then I traipsed over the Story Corner to share A Lazy Monday:  Books, Movies, & Creative Pursuits.

My Thursday Potpourri: Valentine’s Tidbits was obviously a nod to that day.

Over at An Interior Journey, I had winners at the 100 Followers Giveaway.  And at Curl up and Read, there was a winner for the February Bookshelf Clearing Giveaway.

My Sweet Saturday Sample launched excerpts from another WIP, Defining Moments: 

Finally…Saturday Potpourri:  Quiet Reading, Feeding Sparky, and Surfing the Net.

Reading-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

1.  The Year of the Gadfly, by Jennifer Miller


2.  Blue Jeans & Coffee Beans, by Joanne DeMaio (Review will be up on 3/11 for blog tour stop – Rainy Days and Mondays)


3.  Sign of the Times (e-book), by Susan Buchanan



And today I’m reading Autobiography of Us, by Aria Beth Sloss.



And that sums up my week!  What did yours look like?  What lies ahead?


    1. I requested several books, too, and one of them came in a couple of days ago! I’m starting to panic that I won’t be able to finish them all…as well as my review books…lol

      Thanks for visiting, Harvee. Have a great day!


  1. I go back and forth from library — usually to fill in holes of older books — and bookstore — online or otherwise to buy newish stuff.
    I just looked at your Monday musings. I can’t imagine 11 blogs. I can barely keep focused on one. Kudos to you.


    1. My numerous blogs are a quirky part of me, lol; each one represents a different aspect of who I am.

      Thanks for visiting, Barbara….I do find the library fills in nicely when I want an older book that I don’t necessarily want to buy.


  2. readerbuzz

    I had a great reading week. I finished two books and (do you hear the blare of triumphant trumpets?!) reviewed a huge stack that has been sitting on my floor for weeks.

    Glad you had a lovely reading week, too!


    1. I do still love to get books in the mail, Lori, but lately they are mostly review books. My Sparky has been receiving more new ones than the actual mailbox.

      But that won’t always be the case. There will invariably be that book I can’t resist in the print version.

      Thanks for visiting….


  3. Looks like you had a fun and busy week! How on earth do you find time to keep up with all your blogs? Color me impressed!

    I’ve been using the library for a lot of my reading, not so much because of lack of shelf space (although that’s a problem in itself!) but because I can’t really afford to buy all the books I’d like to read. I do buy the ones I really love as well as the ones I simply can’t wait for, though. It can be frustrating to be number 36 or 41 on the hold list when there are only 5 copies of a title. But I LOVE my public library system — couldn’t do without it!

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post/Sunday Salon earlier!


    1. Yes, waiting for books is the downside…and if I can’t resist, I still buy books. I’m trying not to give in to the impulse too often, though. Thanks for visiting, Lark…and I keep up with some of my blogs more than others. I alternate between them for memes, which is sometimes all that happens on some of them.

      Then there are the others where I do my regular rants and chats about tidbits…I enjoy those.


    1. I haven’t picked up a DVD from the library in awhile…I should do that! Thanks for visiting, Yvonne…and after taking my photos of my neighborhood library, I am now tempted to visit some old favorite libraries in the adjacent suburbs.


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