Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday…er, I mean Sunday Salon!

I don’t know why I started out that way, as I seldom watch Super Bowl.  But when everyone all over the blogs and the world as we know it starts the chant, it’s hard not to catch the fever.

Which of you will be captivated by your TV screen today?  Or how many of you will be reading, or even participating in Mini-Bloggiesta?

I’ve already been over to the site to check out the various tasks.  Today’s event is all about those little tasks that sometimes get lost in the shuffle.  Sidebars, reviews, etc.

So I think I might stalk a few blogs to find out what’s up…and then decide.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy this week with my reading and blogging.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the sad fate of Sparky, my Kindle.  Saturday Potpourri:  Kindle Woes had a happy ending, though.

Yes, indeed!  My Kindle case broke, but I found a new one!


To show my glee, I’ve “framed” the photo in its own special Valentine.

Now for the rest of the week:

The Interior World of Martha Cummings is an excerpt from my WIP Interior Designs.

Hump Day Potpourri:  A Plethora of Books is about a treasure trove of recent acquisitions.

Sweet Saturday Sample:  Love is in the Air (Another Excerpt)

January Reading Wrap-Up

February Bookshelf Clearing

Reading/Click for Reviews:

1.  Smash Cut, by Sandra Brown (Another one toppled off of Mt. TBR!)


2.  Restless Souls, by Alisa Statman with Brie Tate (Another from Mt. TBR)


3.  Thread on Arrival (e-book), by Amanda Lee



So now my week is over…and I’m already looking ahead to the new week.  I started reading Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline.  It’s an intriguing tale that spans the years, as a young girl in trouble connects with an elderly lady and they each discover something new about themselves.


What are your plans today?  Reading…or Superbowl…or Bloggiesta?  Or all three?


16 thoughts on “TSS: WHAT WILL THE DAY BRING? — FEB. 3

  1. I have my eye on Thread of Arrival. Today, we will watch superbowl for the ads as much as for the game, and eat hot wings and celery with hot sauce mixed in ranch dressing. Have fun whatever you do today!


  2. We usually don’t watch football — except for the Super Bowl. And we don’t really even watch that. We have it on. I like the ads and my husband likes to be able to talk about football once a year so he keys in on a few great plays.
    I have a review to finish and may check in on the bloggiesta whatever that is. Thanks for the heads up.


    1. I think I sometimes enjoy the background noise of the game, whether it’s Super Bowl or the games that seem to be the perfect backdrop to Thanksgiving dinner.

      Thanks for visiting, Barbara…and enjoy.


  3. Addendum to comment:
    Thanks so much for the connection to bloggiesta. I need to clean up my blog and refine some of my layout issues. I feel like such a sloppy blogger — without much of a clue as to how to set up the “platforms.” This site looks like it may help.


    1. I try to participate in these events, as I don’t always notice my blog unless I’m scrutinizing it carefully. I do work on and change my blogs a lot…but it’s good to have some guidance from those who have been doing it longer….thanks for visiting, Barbara, and enjoy!


  4. I am looking forward to the Beyonce concert tonight that is surrounded by 4 quarters of football. My Packers are not playing so I won’t be watching too closely and be reading at the same time. Have fun with Bloggiesta!!!


  5. Thread of Arrival looks like my kind of cozy mystery — I’ll have to keep an eye out for your review. As for what I’m doing today… well, most of the day will be spent preparing to get our heat pump & furnace replaced this week, which means clearing a large swathe of the basement so the installation crew can get to it. If I have time, I’ll be writing a review and/or starting one of the books from the stack I got from the library and elsewhere this week! I’ll probably check in on the Superbowl from time to time, but I won’t have time to watch the whole thing, and that’s OK.


  6. Thread on Arrival looks excellent, but I’m behind on that series. I’m behind on most series. I’m not big on football so I don’t watch the Super Bowl unless one of our New York teams are involved – football isn’t my thing and, fortunately, not my husband’s either.

    Enjoy your Sunday whatever you do!


  7. Becca Lostinbooks

    I didn’t watch the game, although I know the Ravens won. I didn’t even bother watching the commercials or the halftime show. I settled in with my Kindle and read during the game. After, I realized that I read right through Downton Abbey and almost cried.


    1. I just read and watched movies…no football for me! I didn’t get into Downton Abbey when it started and when I finally found the network where it shows here, I didn’t know who anyone was…and gave up. I should rent the first—is it two?—seasons.

      Did you record the show? I guess not, if you were sad. Thanks for stopping by, Becca.


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