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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning!  It’s time for another Sunday Salon, so let’s gather around, grab some coffee (or tea), and chat!

I’m feeling cozy and bookish today.  Yesterday I visited the neighborhood Barnes & Noble, and after reading for awhile and sipping their wonderful coffee, I meandered over to the bargain table.

And walked out of there with two new books!

I’ll talk about those tomorrow at Mailbox Monday, which I celebrate at my blog An Interior Journey.

Yesterday’s Saturday Snapshot took my readers through the 70’s and 80’s, Laurel-Rain style.

Here’s a favorite of mine:  my daughter’s first canopy bed.  I loved the posters all over the walls!


Princess Heather - 1987


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A Return to Dallas:  And Other Iconic Moments

Thursday Potpourri:  Books & Life Moments

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Reading (Click Titles/Covers for Reviews)

1.  Last Light Over Carolina, by Mary Alice Monroe


2.  Nine Months, by Paula Bomer

nine months

3.  Kinsey & Me:  Stories, by Sue Grafton



4.  Goodnight Nobody, by Jennifer Weiner



Now I’m excited about the upcoming week.  I plan to tackle some more from Mt. TBR, like this one:

Smashcut, by Sandra Brown


I’ll also be watching movies today.  What are your plans? 


12 thoughts on “TSS: A COZY & BOOKISH WEEKEND — JAN. 27

    1. Some oldies, on my DVR: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and Reversal of Fortune.

      I may also watch some DVDs….Best Friends, from the 80’s, with Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bryan.


    1. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I read Sandra Brown until I picked the book up and started reading! I also have another of hers on Mt. TBR. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne…and I love sitting in B & N, too. And it’s just around the corner from where I live.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! My husband was just telling me he heard Sue Grafton on the radio talking about her new book. I hadn’t heard of it, but from hearing her speak, I bet it’ll be entertaining!


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