6494313When Georgia Mae Brown’s husband Ed died unexpectedly, and in somewhat sleazy circumstances, her life became one of loss, pain, and humiliation. But when she also discovered a secret stash of money, she sees a door opening to new possibilities. So on a day in April, Georgia literally walks out of her life. The boring, painful, predictable life in Columbus, Ohio.

It starts as an impulsive plan to drive to the grocery store, but she keeps going. Not sure where the journey will lead, she is excited and energized. And driving along in her deceased husband’s prize possession, a vintage Fleetwood, she feels limitless.

At a gas station, she notices an Arizona license plate, and the passenger casually suggests a trip to Sedona.

As the miles click away, Georgia is not at all sure where she’ll end up, but the journey has opened a whole new world. A few days later, sitting in a small cafe in Sedona, she has no idea where she will go next or what the day will bring. But something clicks for her in this place.

What happens next to draw Georgia further into this new life? Who will she meet that first day that will open up her world and bless her with friendship and connection? And how will her grown children back in Ohio try to turn her around and bring her back to familiarity and the past she wants to forget?

A story about taking a leap of faith and making one’s own destiny is also one about fate or serendipity and how one never knows what might be right around the next corner. I loved the characters that populated Three Moons Over Sedona, from Trish, the owner of the Soft Rock Cafe to Zoe, whose Moon Tide New Age shop helps change the way Georgia looks at her life. I felt frustrated with Georgia’s daughter Susan, who treated her mother dismissively, as if she were a crazed person. But as I learned more about her, I could understand her reaction. I also enjoyed learning about the events in the lives of Zoe and Trish, and the mysterious cafe customer named Doc.

Yes, the serendipitous moments could almost seem magical, or even unlikely. But as the events fell into place for the characters, and as new love hovered overhead, I felt that pleasant connection to them all. I have personally fallen in love with Sedona and enjoyed revisiting it through the characters in this four star read.

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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