Welcome to another Sunday Salon event!

My week was not a good one, in terms of reading or blogging.  I seemed to have gone missing from my routines.  Could it have been because of my birthday?  Or because of my ongoing obsession with changing up my space?

For whatever reason, I was unplugged and disconnected from the usual events…except in a very minor way.

I did post a Blogoversary Winner, and also announced an upcoming event:  Bookshelf Clearing.

My Friday Potpourri post was all about tie-dye and beads.

On Saturday, my Sweet Saturday Sample was full of Whirling Thoughts.

And my nostalgia took me way into the past in my Saturday Snapshot.  Here’s a sample.  My older brother and me many years ago!

On the reading front, however, I seriously stumbled.  I finished two books this week.  I spent almost three days trying to read a third one, only to give up.  I don’t like giving up, but sometimes, when we don’t engage with the story or the characters, we just have to do it.

Here’s the Reading Week:

1.  An Order of Coffee & Tea (e-book), by Brian Spangler

2.   The Bodyguard (e-book), by Christy Tillery French

Still Reading:

Dead on Ice, by Lauren Carr


Today I’ll be reading some…and watching more movies on my new TV…love the bigger screen and Hi Definition!  What are the rest of you doing?   For those of you who are waiting out that storm, best wishes and stay safe!

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