Welcome to another Sunday Salon, where we gather together to talk about our books, our blogging, and our lives.

We had a few cooler days this week, but we’re not really into fall yet.  I love the symbols of the season, like these gorgeous pumpkins.


October Bounty





On the blogs, I’ve done several non-meme posts:

Round Four Check-In (for ROW 80);

Savoring Our Guilty Pleasures, One Moment at a Time;

Three-Year Blogoversary & Giveaway;

Thursday Potpourri:  Shifting Perspectives & Objects of Affection;

What Sparks My Enthusiasm on a Thursday;

Unraveling the Web – An Excerpt (at Story Corner);

Sweet Saturday Sample:  Blue Monday;

Weekend Potpourri:  New Perspectives;

Wendy Wax:  Guest Post – Ten Reasons to read Ten Beach Road in October.

Read/Reviewed:(Click Titles/Covers for Review)

1.  Sweet Tooth, by Ian McEwan



2.  Curiosity Killed the Kat, by Elizabeth Nelson (Review will be posted on Nov. 13 – Blog Tour)


3.  The Things That Matter, by Nate Berkus

4.  Blackberry Winter, by Sarah Jio



I feel really good about this past week…maybe it was the books I chose, or perhaps I’m getting my mojo back.

Today I’ve been reading Tuesday’s Gone, by Nikki French, and I am having a hard time putting it down.


I’ve been watching some movies, too….catching up on the DVR backlog.  What are you up to today and tomorrow?


  1. Watched a lot of television while I was sick and have really gotten caught up in the new show Chicago Fire.I know the hype is all about the new show Nashville but growing up around firefighters this show is perfect for me.

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy Blogoversary!!!


  2. Oh you beat me to Sweet Tooth. I wanted to read it but my husband stole from me, figures! Still I’m glad to read your comments about it. I still want to read it — perhaps out of curiosity. Seems like you had a good reading week!


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