Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by Should Be Reading.

Today I’m excerpting from an e-book by Penny Vincenzi:  More Than You Know.

Amazon Description:  It all comes down to love or money in a harrowing custody battle over a little girl, set against the glossy backdrop of the magazine and advertising worlds in 1960s London.

A privileged girl from a privileged class, Eliza has a dazzling career in the magazine world of the 1960s. But when she falls deeply in love with Matt, an edgy working-class boy, she gives up her ritzy, fast-paced lifestyle to get married.

By the end of the decade, however, their marriage has suffered a harrowing breakdown, culminating in divorce and a dramatic courtroom custody battle over their little girl. Also at risk is Eliza’s gorgeous family home, a pawn in the game, which she can’t bear to give up.

True to form, Penny Vincenzi introduces a devious cast of characters seemingly plucked from the pages of sixties- and seventies-era magazines, as she deftly maneuvers between the glamorous, moneyed worlds of fashion and advertising, and a heart-wrenching custody battle going on in the courtroom where the social mores of the time are on full display.


Intro:  1958:

Eliza was in the middle of curtzying to the Queen when she decided it was time she lost her virginity.

She was rather shocked at herself, not for the nature of the decision, but for managing to make it at such a moment, such a terribly important moment in her life; both her mother and her godmother (who was actually presenting her) had instilled into her endlessly how lucky she was, because this was positively the last year of court presentation; it had been declared an anachronism, not in keeping with the new Elizabethan age.  And here she was, in her blue silk Belinda Belville cocktail dress, in the presence of the Queen—so much younger and prettier in the flesh than the photographs—and she was thinking not about being part of a deeply important tradition that had lasted for generations, but about with whom of all the young men she was dancing and flirting with that wonderful summer she might achieve this new ambition.  It really was rather bad of her.


Teaser:  “Never let it go” had been his last words to her; and she promised.  It was owned by a trust, and they were merely its tenants for life; it was slowly bankrupting them.


Now…what do you think?  Would you keep reading?  And now I’m off to see your selections.


    1. Oh, definitely…I gasped at the 600+ pages,which never used to bother me at all…but nowadays, I have soooo many books to read!

      But it would be a good one to read as I curl up with a cup of tea….Thanks for visiting, Tea.


  1. Hi Laurel Rain,

    I have never read any Penny Vincenzi, although we get oodles of her books donated to the charity shop where I volunteer …. I think I have always been put off by the fact that they are invariably chunkster books and would take me forever to read.

    I love all your excerpts from the book, although I was not really struck by the cover.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy what you are currently reading.



    1. I don’t think the cover really relates to the story….mine is on Sparky, my Kindle, so I won’t be seeing the cover…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne, and I must admit that I hesitate before beginning one of her chunksters, but I’m never sorry afterwards.


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