Good morning, Sunday Saloners!  Are you ready for another great day?

In two weeks, we’ll be doing Bloggiesta again!  Ole!  And I’ll be working on spiffing up this blog.  Anybody else participating?

This past week wasn’t that phenomenal, with fewer books and blog posts completed.

But I do think that a couple of the books are worth noting.

Before I get started, though, I wanted to share a photo from my Saturday Snapshot post yesterday, where I featured the women in my family.

Here is one that spotlights the generations:

L to R: Moi; my mother; my two granddaughters; and my daughter

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I participated in the regular memes; then on Thursday, I posted What Sparks Your Enthusiasm on a Thursday?

Saturday found me posting my Sweet Saturday Sample:  Moving Forward; and Still Salivating Over an Old Guilty Pleasure.

Books Read-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

1.  Midnight Exposure, by Melinda Leigh (Awesome!)

2.  The Redgraves, by Donald Spoto

3.  Left Neglected (e-book), by Lisa Genova (Loved it!)


Not too impressive, but I seemed to spend way too much time on the biography; very dense narrative that didn’t draw me in.  I loved learning more about that family, though.

Today I’ll continue reading Looking for Mary, an intriguing memoir from Beverly Donofrio, who gave us Riding in Cars with Boys.

(Remember the movie with Drew Barrymore).  In this book, the author is on a quest:  a spiritual journey.

So what does your day/week look like?  Special plans?  I hope you will come on by and chat.

12 thoughts on “TSS: A WEEK IN REVIEW — SEPT. 16

  1. Love the four generation collage of the women in your family. You had a pretty busy week, but I am sorry to read that the Redgrave book is dry. I have always liked their acting and have seen them whenever they appear in plays. Oh well, I will probably give it a whirl anyway. Thanks for sharing your family and thoughts.


  2. I am debating with myself about Blogeista. I have made so many changes to my blog in the past few months I am not sure what I would change but I know I have to work harder on commenting and replying and visiting. I definitely will be following along if I don’t jump in.

    Have a great week!!


    1. The first time I participated, I didn’t do a whole lot. The great thing about it is we can do as much or as little as we wish.

      I have enjoyed it so much that I work on a different blog each time. Since I have twelve, I can foresee being busy making changes for the foreseeable future! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Lori.


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