Good morning, Sunday Saloners.  As you grab your coffee, or tea, or whatever, I hope you’ll settle in for a chat this morning.

I overslept today—got up at 7 a.m. instead of my usual 5—but it’s Sunday, and I was out late picking up my son and daughter-in-law at the airport.

Hope to have some pictures of their Hawaii trip soon.

But when I’m not in my usual routine, things sometimes go awry.  I punched the brew button on my coffee pot, I blissfully retreat to do some morning stuff, and when I return, I expect COFFEE!  Not.

I emptied the pot, washed it out, refilled it, and punched again.

Finally…a cup of coffee.  I guess I’ll do the vinegar routine and hope for the best.  Once the appliances start playing mind games, I never expect anything good afterwards.

But….onward and upward.

After the holiday last weekend, things sort of fell into a groove, and I posted Tuesday Potpourri: Bookish Wishes, Changes, & Fun Reads.

Wednesday brought two posts:  Hump Day Potpourri:  Recycling & Rearranging…Again! and Row 80 Check-In:   How I Manage to Fill My Creative Time.

The end of September brings us Bloggiesta again…Ole!    I’ll be working on this blog, primarily, but could veer off to one of the others occasionally.  I love this event!

Sweet Saturday Samples:  Connecting, takes us further on our journey with Martha and Maeve (Interior Designs).

And here’s my Saturday Snapshot, in which I share some holiday memories.

This is one of my favorites:  Noah with his great-grandmother.

Now let’s talk books.

Read/Reviewed-Click Titles/Covers for Reviews:

1.  And When She Was Good, by Laura Lippman

2.  Little Night, by Luanne Rice

3.  Love Anthony, by Lisa Genova

4.  Sharp Objects (e-book), by Gillian Flynn


Wow, what a great bookish week!  Suspense, family drama, and edgy family dysfunction.

I think I’ll take a break from reading today.  PG&E is turning off the power for several hours tomorrow to work on equipment, so I’ll probably take off for Barnes & Noble, etc.  Today is for movies!

What does your day look like?  Come on by and share….


    • Oh, it’s hard to stay away from the blogs, isn’t it? Tomorrow, with the power off for several hours, I’m going to go nuts. No…wait! I can take my laptop to Barnes & Noble!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sharon.


  1. First, Belated Happy Blogaversary 🙂
    Second, aleays give your coffee pot another chance. Once in a blue moon, mine brews the coffee everywhere but in the pot, but inbetween times – delicious
    My day is shaping up to be a typical NYC Sunday with late breakfast at my favorite diner, some reading and later this evening (hangs head in shame) catching up with season 2 of Downton Abbey.
    You mentioned you live in California. My daughter just moved to there (Alameda) and loves it.
    I hope the rest of your day is wonderful.


    • Wow! I totally missed the blogoversary! With so many blogs, that happens. It’s been three years here, even though I started this one over on Blogger. Thanks for stopping by, Alex. I did the vinegar and water cleanse, and it looks like everything is back on track with the coffee pot! (knock wood).


  2. I’m loving some of these covers. I know what you mean when you say your routine is off. Mine is off today too but I’m thankful that my coffeepot decided to work! 🙂 Have a good week.


    • Yes, I can’t take too many glitches. It’s bad enough that the power will be out all day tomorrow….last night, my broiler didn’t work. Then I realized that I hadn’t pushed all the right buttons. Duh! Thanks for stopping by, Vasilly…I love the covers, too.


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