Who could predict that on such a seductively beautiful June day, the worst would happen? Filled with a secret tucked away and causing her heart to brim over, Maura Corrigan could never have known that, before day’s end, her life would change in unimaginable ways.

As we watch the events unfold, our hearts catch, knowing what lies ahead and unable to avert the disaster.

A death in the family is probably the most shattering event in life, and its after effects continue to ripple outward for months and years afterwards. Testing the ties that bind, sometimes the fragile connections rip apart.

Maura’s secrets and the guilt she feels will exacerbate the pain and loss and ultimately will delay the healing process. Before she can move on, she must confront what lies within; she must look to her marriage partner and reach out, despite their issues; and finally, she might decide that, to spare her beloved, the secrets must stay hidden.

Margaret and Roger Munson, Maura’s parents, are also struck by the pain and grief, and while trying to help Maura, must deal with their own marital strains. Roger’s career trajectory seems to have stalled, and Margaret’s role as a help meet is tested by Roger’s errors in judgment.

I liked these thoughts at the end of Those We Love Most:

“…the loss had, in the end, become their terrible unifier, the thing that had strengthened and cauterized them.”

Looking at pain and loss as a means to finally heal leaves the stricken with a ray of hope. Just as the richly detailed characters left me, as a reader, feeling as though I had felt some of their pain and come to know the issues with which they struggled.

Sometimes the story bogged down with detail and angst, but in general, this four star read kept me moving along and hoping for these characters to find their way.

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