Welcome to another Sunday Salon!  The morning so far has been relaxing….watching movies in bed while eating; sipping a mimosa while writing this post.

My blogging has been erratic this week, but I did post a ROW 80 Check-In: Lazy Week, on Creative Journey; and in my Hump Day Potpourri, I talked about happy events coming.  My Sweet Saturday Sample on Snow Chronicles was about The One That Got Away.

Reading Week:

I read and reviewed three books this week.  One book was a DNF…enough said about that.

1)  One Breath Away, by Heather Gudenkauf (Fabulous Five Star Read!)

2)  What I Did For Love, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (fun read!)


3)  Summer Breeze (e-book), by Nancy Thayer (Great summer read)


What I’m reading now…a fabulous book that I’m eager to get back to…Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.


I just downloaded this book earlier in the week and it is on my list of “incoming books” for the new week.  I don’t usually start reading one of those books right away, since I usually respect the Queue.  Yes, you know, the books that have priority because they’ve been around longer.

But sometimes, the Queue Must Wait!  What do you do when a book is clamoring to be read but other books are waiting?

Have a great Sunday!

I’m also watching movies on my DVR today, like this retro flick with Matthew Broderick, Annabella Sciorra, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

The Night We Never Met is a fun flick about time-sharing a great rental in Manhattan, and the hijinks that follow….

What’s on your schedule for today?


14 thoughts on “TSS: LAZY SUNDAY — JULY 29

  1. I am hopeless for reading the book I just bought first and leaving others to languish on the TBR for months or even years. Eventually I will read them (or try to read them) all. Today, however, I’m watching Olympics then going out to the pub quiz, so little or no reading for me.

    Have a good week!


  2. aartichapati

    Everyone seems to have positive things to say about Gone Girl! I definitely need to look into getting that one – sounds fascinating, even if it’s not in my usual read.


    1. I finished all three books I listed, Unfinished Person…and I didn’t name the one I DNF, because I simply didn’t like it. I should have known going in that I probably wouldn’t. It was about teen werewolves…and I thought this one might be different from the usual, but it wasn’t. I’ll e-mail the title….


  3. The Night We Never Met sounds fun and one I missed it in the 90s. Wonder what happened to Annabella Sciorra? All I recall was her in Jungle Fever. Have a good week!


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