Summers on Dragonfly Lake in rural Massachusetts are dreamy, lovely, and full of moments of connection between friends and family.

For Bella Barnaby, returning home from her job as a teacher to help her mother after a broken leg sidelined her from running her shop, Barnaby’s Barn, something more may come out of the visit.

What Bella discovers around the lake and in running the shop is a true passion for design and collecting that could fuel a business of her own.

But her boyfriend Aaron might take a job in an architectural firm in San Francisco, and then what?

Meanwhile, meeting new and old friends around the lake has offered a feeling of connection she is enjoying. What if she doesn’t want to give it all up?

Morgan and Josh O’Keefe have the biggest house in the neighborhood, but at what cost to their personal relationship? Is work worth the risk of losing it all?

Natalie, who is staying at her aunt’s home, is discovering that her passion for art could turn into something meaningful financially when Bella turns the “Barn” into a showcase for local art and design. Her handsome brother Slade continues to exhibit his passion for conquest, but will he finally settle down? And what about Ben, the handsome Barnaby next door, as obsessed with science as Natalie is with art? Will they form a love connection?

Summer Breeze: A Novel is a delightful foray into friendships, passions, and the obsessions that make life interesting. I could not stop turning the pages as I delighted in what the author showed me about this life on the lake. Four stars. Enjoyable, but a bit predictable.


  1. Staci@LifeintheThumb

    I don’t mind predictable too much when I am satisfied at the end of the read. I’ve seen this one around at stores and wondered about it!!


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