Good morning!  Welcome to another Sunday Salon.

Lately, I’ve awoken on Sunday morning and only gradually come to the point of posting.

So far today, I’ve had breakfast in bed while watching movies.  Then I luxuriated in reading from a thoroughly engaging book.  Hope to have it finished by day’s end.

The Shadow Queen, by Rebecca Dean, is the fictionalized story of Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced woman who captured the heart of a King…and changed the world.

My week has also included some intriguing titles and some blog posts.

On the Blogs:

At Story Corner, I posted about Cooler Days Ahead:  Reading, etc.

My Creative Journey included a Check-In Post:  Goal Tweaking; and I posted an excerpt from Interior Designs at Snow Chronicles:  Internet Dating: “Post-Mortem.”

Reviews-Click Titles/Covers:

Rain, (e-book), by Leigh K. Cunningham

Keepsake (e-book), by Kristina Riggle

The Roots of the Olive Tree, by Courtney Miller Santo


I’ve also enjoyed some movies this weekend, one of which was fun, and while a bit predictable, was a nice distraction.  Friends with Kids is a nice twist on commitment, parenting, and life after kids.


What does your weekend look like?  Special plans?  Quiet time?  Come on by and share….

12 thoughts on “TSS: BLOGGING, READING, & MOVIES — JULY 22

  1. Finishing up Season 2 of Dowton Abbey before it’s due back at the library. 🙂 LOOOOVE this show! But I have to wait for dvd or netflix. I gave up tv 3 years ago.

    You book choices look exceptional! The Roots of The Olive Tree is starting to really show up on the blogs! May look into that soon


  2. I did a fair amount of reading yesterday. This morning I went in to work for a bit. It’s always easier to get things done when it’s quiet and no one is around to bother you. Then I met my grandparents for lunch and a little shopping. I’m sure I’ll do some more reading this afternoon, since it’s raining and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon!


    • I only seem to manage cleaning when I’m expecting guests (lol) or rearranging things. That usually helps to get to some deep cleaning.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alyce…and enjoy your chores and blogging.


  3. I haven’t really done much today!! Finished a book and started another, flicking through the channels, and surfing the web.


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