Good morning!  Welcome to another Sunday Salon event.

I’ve been missing in action from these events for a week or so.

I guess I can blame the new laptop that I think I’m calling Louisa May, for an author who probably could have used one, since her “scribblings” left her fingers marked up with ink!

Can you imagine what that must have been like?  Writing with pen and ink?  Or even later when everyone used typewriters?  Technology has certainly made writing more manageable.

But it also provides many distractions that lead us away from our work, too.  Social networking sites, blogs, games, etc.

Before I get totally off on a tangent, I did manage to do a little bit of editing on one of my WIPs this week and posted about it at Creative Journey:  Accomplishments & Distractions.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about Creative Summer Days:  Changes & Creations, at Story Corner.

At My Forest Journey, In Search of the Perfect Surrogate (an excerpt from Embrace the Whirlwind).

In My Sweet Saturday Sample:  Comparing Notes (a snippet from Interior Designs).

My reading was interesting, if not as productive as I’d hoped…but again, my excuses are the laptop and changing things up in the office, as well as hanging out with grandson Noah.

Read/Reviewed (Click Titles/Covers for Reviews):

Paris Without End, by Gioia Diliberto

Island Apart, by Steven Raichlen

Sea Change, by Karen White


Captivating books that kept me turning those pages, even with my distractions.

Today I hope to be reading Rain, by Leigh K. Cunningham.


What will your Sunday look like?  Family?  Friends?  Reading?  Come on by and share.



  1. Congratulations on Louissa May. I remember when I got my new laptop, it took me weeks to figure it out, but hen I am computer challenged. Sea Change in on my wishlist so can’t wait to see what you think. Have a great week.


    • Oh, I have my challenges with computers, too, Cheryl, but I had a lot of stuff figured out for the desktop. Now for new challenges! Thanks for stopping by, and I think you’ll enjoy Sea Change.


    • Thanks, Harvee…I was having nightmares about the old desktop. Noises it made, quirky behavior, and general untrustworthy actions.

      When I got the laptop, the desktop was out the door a few days later, thanks to my youngest son who likes to work on old things.


  2. Congrats on the new laptop. I too spend too much time at the computer. Having been making a real effort to push away and go read while still trying to get my reviews done and promoted and visit some other blogs. It is an uphill battle and that darn facebook doesn’t help. 🙂


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