Sometimes when we discover books we can’t wait to read, it feels a lot like fate—or serendipity.  If you also love finding out about new books, join us today at Waiting on Wednesday, hosted at Breaking the Spine.

My spotlighted book today is Finding Casey, by Jo-Ann Mapson, to be released on 10/2/12.


Glory Vigil, newly married, unexpectedly pregnant at forty-one, is nesting in the home she and her husband, Joseph, have just moved to in Santa Fe, a house that unbeknownst to them is rumored to have a resident ghost. Their adopted daughter, Juniper, is home from college for Thanksgiving and in love for the very first time, quickly learning how a relationship changes everything. But Juniper has a tiny arrow lodged in her heart, a leftover shard from the day eight years earlier when her sister, Casey, disappeared—in a time before she’d ever met Glory and Joseph. When a fieldwork course takes Juniper to a pueblo only a few hours away, she finds herself right back in the past she thought she’d finally buried.

A love story, a family story, a story of searching and the bond between sisters, Finding Casey is a testament to human resilience. This completely stand-alone novel, featuring beloved characters from Solomon’s Oak, will charm Mapson’s readers and move her into a larger sphere.


Sounds like a lovely story…I know that I can’t wait.  I read and enjoyed Solomon’s Oak, so I know I’m going to love these characters.  What are you waiting for?


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Diane….when I first saw this, I thought the characters sounded familiar…I was very excited to find that they were the same ones as in Solomon’s Oak.

      Enjoy your read!


  1. I love stories about the resilience of the human spirit 🙂 I hadn’t heard of this one til now, thanks for sharing!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my WoW :)))


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