Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by Should Be Reading.

Just grab your book and share the opening lines; then find another excerpt that “teases” the reader.

Today I’m excerpting from Reel Life, by Jackie Townsend:  a story about sisters….

Blurb:  Sisters are meant to always be there for each other, or are they? In the glare of reality, clashing views and acts of betrayal can form unbridgeable gaps, and the fabric of sisterly love must be rewoven from whole cloth. Reel Life, the debut novel by Jackie Townsend, charts the story of two sisters who must call upon the past to forge a new and meaningful connection. With iconic moments of cinema as its driving narrative thread, this finely-wrought, absorbing work will cut straight to the heart, and reveal the intricate emotions that come together to form a family. Exploring themes of motherhood, body image, ambition, and love, Reel Life offers a poignant close-up of the most intimate of relationships that move, confuse, haunt, and heal. Surging with drama interlaced with subtle irony, Reel Life will shock, surprise and move anyone who understands that sometimes, escaping reality offers the clearest path to emotional truth.


INTRO:  (July, 2003) (Chapter One:  The Wizard of Oz)

The movie had started.  The psychic was reading Dorothy’s future in a crystal ball, and Betty felt a strong inward pull in her womb, a sense of life giving her another chance, a way forward.  She looked around her.  Her oldest, Sam, was stretched out on the floor so close to the TV screen that the images illuminated his face; her youngest, Nick, was curled against her, sucking his thumb and blue blankie at the same time; the missing rebel, her middle child, Clay, was in the basement battling it out on Play Station’s Lord of the Rings.  These moments with her children were what made sense, Betty thought, resting her eyes shut.

Then the banging started up again.  “Mom!”  Sam screamed, and she opened her eyes.  “Tell Dad to stop hammering.  I can’t hear!”

“You don’t need to yell,” she responded calmly.

Dave, her husband, was upstairs repairing the A/C.  It had almost been a relief returning home from California to find him immersed in a busted condenser, the upstairs flooded.  To be so consumed moving furniture and airing out the carpet with fans that she had no time to dwell on the fact that her little escape to California was over, that Monday Betty would go back to work, and Dave would begin his job search.  That their lives would continue on the same.


Teaser:  She swallowed.  Her arms were bruising under his force.  “Look, Joel, we’re both drunk.  Let’s talk tomorrow when we’re sober.  OK?”  She kept her voice even and calm, not wanting him to sense her fear, and it seemed to work at first, as he loosened his grip, but as she turned to go, he grabbed her again and knocked her against the wall so hard that the back of her head whacked against the stucco.  “Do you love me, Betty?” p. 101


Wow!  That one makes me want to read more….The opener aroused my curiosity, but the teaser gripped me.  What did you discover in your book today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share…..


    1. Definitely! I really hate that kind of behavior and I hope she doesn’t put up with it….thanks for visiting, Jess, and enjoy your week (and the tub of brains you’re reading about!).


  1. Sounds very interesting, I hate when guys do that, smack you up against the wall and then ask “do you love me”. seems sort of the opposite of what they should be doing.


    1. Oh, totally! I just want to smack him back….and then split.

      I have a feeling that’s not what this character does…but maybe she’ll surprise me.

      Thanks for stopping by, Irene, and enjoy your week.


  2. Oh, sounds like a great book! The teaser made me want to hurt Joel, but I’m hoping it’s just because he’s drunk, and that he’s not that mean kind of person! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


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