Good morning, Blog World!  Welcome to our first Sunday Salon in May.  Just as April brought many weather changes, this new month has been warm and beautiful so far.

Soon this Central Valley town will be swept up in its usual heat waves, and we’ll be complaining about that!  lol

I’m ready for the beach, though, and looking forward to some books that take me there, even if I don’t actually go there yet.

Even as I turn my thoughts toward the beach, I spent part of yesterday watching a movie from a totally new season.

New Year’s Eve was a delightful star-studded movie about that special night in Manhattan, with all the usual hopes, dreams, obstacles, etc.  Nothing particularly surprising in this movie, but it was fun to watch on a Saturday afternoon.  A variety of stars from Jon Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, to Robert De Niro.  Several others made cameo appearances along the way.

And there was a major suggestion of a midnight get-together between a man, whom we meet early on, and a woman who remained mysterious until the end. 

This was also a week of bookish adventures, some better than others.  I didn’t finish as many books as I’d hoped but one was a real page-turner.  My blogging was all over the map, from Monday Potpourri:  Featuring a Unique Village and my April Reading Wrap-Up to a few others.

Like Showcasing Favorite Books, Blogoversary Winners, and Reflections on This Blog’s Life.  Or how about Design Details:  Spiffing Up the Blog & Excerpting, or Searching for Clues in the Past.

Having written about this range of topics, I also read and reviewed these books- (Click titles/covers for links):

1.  Big City Eyes, by Nora Ephron (Another one off the TBR stacks!)

2.  HRH, by Danielle Steel (off the stacks!)

3.  Dead Witness (e-book), by Joylene Nowell Butler (a brisk, suspenseful thriller!)

Today I’m reading a short story collection by Jennifer WeinerThe Guy Not Taken.

My plan is to take it, with a nice beverage or snack, out to my patio.

What are your plans for the day?  Reading, movies, spending time with friends/family?

10 thoughts on “TSS: A WEEK OF BOOKS, BLOGGING, & MOVIES — MAY 6

  1. Did the movie thing last night with The Avengers (which was amazing). Might do some reading today, continuing with The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler. I seem to remember New Year’s Eve when it came out and then I lost track of it. I’ll have to look for it


    1. I actually watched it on TV, using the On Demand feature. The lazy way…lol

      I’ll probably see The Avengers with one or more of the grandkids…although other relatives are lining up to take them!

      Thanks for stopping by, Unfinished Person.


  2. I’ve never read Nora Ephron, but I love Jennifer Weiner, and used to read every book that came out by Danielle Steele, but haven’t in a few years.

    I hope you enjoy your time outside. Love the raccoon!!


    1. Thanks for visiting, Vicki….I had a few Steel books on my Old TBRs that I had bought years ago. Some of these books I have had for five or six years! I always enjoy Weiner’s books.

      I’m working my way through them.

      The raccoon I found in a neighborhood shop that sold quirky things for home and garden…sadly, the store has closed.


  3. readerbuzz

    I spent the afternoon reading on a blanket in the backyard. I might have even fallen asleep for a bit. Hope you enjoyed your time outside as much as I did!


  4. Today, I’ve been catching up on some reading, but I’ve also done some work around the house. It seems that the time I can devote to reading decreases as the weeks get closer to the arrival of the baby! Thanks for dropping by earlier!


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