Welcome, Sunday Saloners!  It’s been a beautiful week here, and April is winding down in a blast of spring.

The blossoms are out creating a magic carpet as they fall down on my patio and sidewalk.  But that’s okay…I’ll overlook the mess and the assault on my nasal passages and enjoy.

Yesterday I was going to hang out with my grandson Noah, but then plans changed.  I had lunch here, at Dai Bai Dang first, while reading my book.

That was an enjoyable hour.  I was reading Love in a Nutshell, which is kind of a mystery and sort of a love story.

I should have kept reading!  Because, when I wandered down to the theater and went in to see this movie…well, let’s just say I’d rather be napping.  But I couldn’t, of course, since there was too much constant gunfire.

Let’s just say I didn’t feel “safe” enough to sleep through this one!

So onward and upward.  In the mid-afternoon, I rescued Noah from boredom and we ended up hanging out.  He’s still here.

Funny how days just seem to rearrange themselves.

My reading and blogging week wasn’t bad, either.  I did the usual memes, and then I wrote Tuesday Potpourri:  More Bookish Delights and Organizational Tidbits.

On a roll, I moved on to Friday Potpourri:  Crazy Moments, followed by Weekend Potpourri:  Guilty Pleasures.

After working on my edits of Interior Designs for awhile, I posted an excerpt here at Snow Chronicles:  Trying to Find the Bright Spot in a Sea of Heartache.

Now…Reading/Reviewing-click titles for reviews:

1.  The Accidental, by Ali Smith

2.  The Beginner’s Goodbye, by Anne Tyler

3.  The Good Life, by Jay McInerney

So all in all, a successful week.  Two of the books above were from the TBR piles that I have dubbed “Old TBRs,” meaning they’ve been on the stacks for several years.  Some of them began their “life” with me more than five years ago and moved from the foothills with me!

My stacks are gradually morphing into something manageable.  I’ve separated “old” from “new” and here are the old ones.

OLD TBRs - Now waiting on my office coffee table

And the new ones:

Alas, the new stacks are growing by leaps and bounds.  This week’s mailbox (see it later today at An Interior Journey) added nine books to the stacks!  Some were purchased by me (but most were for Sparky, my Kindle); and others were review books.

Do you constantly rearrange, reorganize, and plan around your TBR stacks?  What works for you?  And what does your Sunday look like?


  1. I need to reorganize my basement with all my books, old and new. Someone suggested making an online spreadsheet with list of books, but I am only noting down book tours or books I specifically asked for (fewer and far between). The rest I’ll know are unsolicited 🙂 review books sent .


    1. I do have a list on my computer: books to-read, to review, purchased, and then read. I also track them on my Curl up and Read blog. But the visual stacks are turning out to be the most effective. On the computer, they are “out of sight.”

      Hope you work it out, Harvee, and thanks for stopping by.


  2. loricaswell

    I am constantly reorganizing. I should have keep better track and used a first in, first out policy 🙂 I now have a separate shelf for review books and a bookcase and half off another for TBR’s from PBS, purchases and books I won. At the beginning of the year the plan was i book off the TBR shelf each week and 1free e-book but my review requests have been going crazy. I need to read more and play on the computer less.

    Thanks for stopping by!!


  3. A few months ago I was reorganizing and donating books from my TBR and I really need to get back to doing that. It’s truly unmanageable, but even worse is my review stack. I really, really need to get that down to something manageable. I probably need to do what Lori said – less computer time. LOL

    My Sunday Salon is here.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne…I think donating more books sounds like a plan. I know I have some I’ve read and probably will never read again; parting with them would ease the shelving issues.


    1. I’m usually very careful about the movies I choose, opting to wait for the DVD if I’m not blown away by the story. I was feeling in the mood for a movie…alas. lol

      I never buy their popcorn…if I take the kids, we go to lunch first, and then just get water to drink. (I usually bring my own water in my bag!). I also go to a matinee, usually the first of the day, which cuts down on the noisy people. But despite all of that, the movie could be a bomb.

      Their popcorn is never as good as it smells, either.

      Off the soapbox, now…thanks for stopping by, Alyce, and have a great week!


  4. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to drop by yesterday! As you know, it was a pretty packed weekend for me! I’m glad to see that your TBR stack is quite a bit more organized, and looks a bit smaller!

    I pretty much have all my TBR books organized in one central place on my bookshelf. My wife asks me if I’ve read any, and if they aren’t going to be re-reads if we can trim those down!

    I’ve seen previews for Safe, but my wife and I don’t go to the movies all that often anymore. The cost of going doesn’t seem to warrant it anymore, plus, with how quickly movies come out on DVD anymore, you can just get them through Netflix!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday and I hope you have a great week!


    1. Oh, I agree about movies, Jeremy. When I go, it’s usually something that I think will be so fantastic on the big screen. Which is why I was mad at myself for selecting that particular film…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week. Hope you get some books off your TBR shelf, too.


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