Good morning, and welcome to another Sunday Salon event, during which we share what’s happening in our lives, bookish and otherwise.

For the past several days, it’s been raining here….something that has been good for reading and blogging, but not much else.

But that’s okay.  Some weeks are like that.

Soon the sun will be back and before we know it, the summer heat will follow.  That’s something I have mixed feelings about.

My reading week has been a mix of genres, from a fictional saga beginning in the 1920s to a cozy mystery.  In the midst was a memoir that was a disturbing reminder of the sad facts of life…and one I will be thinking about for a long while.

Meanwhile, I’ve been blogging a bit.  Aside from the regular memes, I posted a Monday Potpourri:  Books, Thoughts, etc. ; Morning After Thoughts — An Excerpt featured a snippet from my WIP  Interior Designs.

Over at another site, I wrote Self-Motivation:  What Works for You?

Midweek found me meandering along with Hump Day Potpourri:  Rainy Day Reading & Rambling Thoughts.

Books Read/Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

(Unbroken, by Jamie Lisa Forbes – Blog Tour) (Read in March)

1.   The Chaperone, by Laura Moriarty

2.  An Appetite for Murder (e-book), by Lucy Burdette

3.  A Silence of Mockingbirds:  Memoir of a Murder, by Karen Spears Zacharias – A haunting story of a three-year-old child victimized by child abuse; very timely read during April, Child Abuse Prevention Month.



After the third read, I thought about my experiences with child abuse over my three decades as a social worker.  Some question why I still read books about this topic.  Perhaps I am not finished with this work.

In my own novels, I’ve touched upon this topic (albeit fictionally); my current WIPs, however, are not as fraught with this subject matter.  Perhaps I’ve gotten most of it out of my system, like a kind of vitriol I must purge from my life.  I am still drawn to these stories, however.

What, if anything, calls to you?  What is your passion?

Today I’m reading something else that explores families gone awry.  Come Home, by Lisa Scottoline is so captivating, I’m flying through the pages.  I can’t wait to get back to it!


What are you reading and enjoying today?  I’d love to know your thoughts….


  1. In answer to your question from one of your other posts about self-motivation: I do distract myself. Much too often unfortunately. Today, though, hopefully it will be some spring cleaning so I can’t complain.


  2. I have seen Come Home quite a bit lately and from your description, it is now on my wishlist. And I agree, a rainy day is a perfect reading day. Have a nice Sunday.


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