One October day in Salem, Massachusetts, a widow named Annie McBride finds a naked toddler in the cemetery. With no sign of anyone about, and intuiting that she is needed, Annie takes the child home.

The child whom she names Margaret (Maggie) becomes a comfort to Annie, but since she didn’t turn the child in to the officials, the two of them spend the next several years moving from place to place.

When Annie dies several years later, Maggie is an adult living in LA and working as a psychic to assist the police in profiling criminals.

Annie’s unique legacy of a home in Salem, Massachusetts, takes Maggie full circle, where her life begins anew in a place to which she feels strangely connected. Some of her new neighbors also seem like people she has “known” before–and some of the familiar people are not good ones.

Soon a woman named Susannah Davies, who comes to Maggie’s home where she has created a shop to sell natural remedies, begins to teach her spinning lessons. She also seems like someone to whom Maggie can share her thoughts and feelings, especially when she is plagued by alarming dreams.

What odd dreams seemingly take Maggie back to a parallel universe 400 years earlier, and why do these dreams seem like memories? What, if any, connection exists between Maggie and Susannah, and why does an eerie woman living nearby set off alarms for Maggie? What does a child’s disappearance have to do with earlier events in Salem?

Weaving the tale between the past and the present, the author shows the reader how events unfolded. There is no big surprise that time travel and witch trials are a big piece of the puzzle. The tale is somewhat predictable, but I enjoyed seeing how Maggie came to realize how she is connected to those events. Witch Woman did hold my interest despite these issues, but I’m awarding a 3.5 rating. I would recommend it for those who enjoy a time travel story with interesting characters. Maggie in the present day was my favorite, but I also enjoyed Abigail’s struggles in Seventeenth Century Salem.


  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    I was rather ambivelent about this title, it was a bit slow and predictable for me
    Thanks for sharing your review
    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out


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